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champion title anderson Colt taunts daria
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 Wrestler's Bio

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Gyalin Reece

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PostSubject: Wrestler's Bio   Wrestler's Bio EmptyWed Jun 18, 2014 1:16 pm





Brief Bio:

Immediate Goal:

Long term Goals:
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Gyalin Reece

Posts : 62
Join date : 2014-06-12

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PostSubject: Re: Wrestler's Bio   Wrestler's Bio EmptyWed Jun 18, 2014 1:20 pm

Name: Gyalin Reece

Height: 6'3

Age: 26

Weight: 249

Alignment: Tweener

Brief Bio: Gyalin Reece is only 18 years of age, but he has the experience that rivals an old man. He has traveled the world, starting out wrestling at the tender age of 12 in India, before traveling on to China in his early teens. From there he traveled to Thailand, where he learned how to use his knees, then to Japan, where he began to learn the martial arts. But it was not enough. He wanted to be a competitive wrestler, not just a fighter, so he went to Europe. In Europe, he traveled around for two years, fighting in independent circuits, lying about his age, and fighting men twice his size, and, holding his own. He was getting big then, and, by the age of 17, he was ready to set out for his homeland, the U.S.A., where he would truly become one of a kind.

In the U.S., Gyalin began, at the age of 17, to fight in many minor independent circuits, winning championship after championship. He got so good at wrestling in these circuits, and so use to winning, that a single loss would easily devastate him. In his full year on the independent circuits, he held a total of 32 different World Championship titles at the same time, while compiling an amazing 325-9 record. It was time for him to move on. One man, who saw Reece fight many times, decided to get the kid in on the major leagues of wrestling. He paid his way, and alerted Reece of the new league, and, just turning 18, Reece promptly signed up and became the new attraction. Already, he has compiled many wins, and many championships, but he has also suffered many defeats, many at the hands of lesser wrestlers, but it has helped him to grow into a better wrestler, and a more complete package. On his way up, he signed up for the Destructive Wrestling War Federation, more competitive components of the Wrestling world, a World within a world some would say, and now, he has arrived, and looks to make an immediate impact.

Gyalin Reece is a very charismatic, very good, still raw but developing young wrestler that will take the wrestling world by storm. No fan will forget ever seeing him in a live performance, for all that he does, he does for the fans. But beware, for Gyalin Reece has a mean streak that rivals the worst of them.

Gyalin Reece has come to take the Destructive Wrestling War by storm, and, beware, for wherever he strikes, his victims are always left devastated.
Be careful, for a new era of wrestling has begun, the golden era. All will stand witness to the greatness that has come to save wrestling from oblivion. All will stand testament to this moment in history, where a Living Legend, not yet 20 years of age, graced the stage of World of Wrestling. Gyalin Reece is the new hero, he is the new leader, he is the Wonder of Wonders, he is, The Future of wrestling, and, for those of you that did not know, well, now, you shall be told. You shall be told that he is the Future, and that the FUTURE...........IS.................NOW!!!!!!!!!

He has returned to lead the mislead, to help the misguided, to boldly go where few before him has gone, and where he has been many times before..he goes to the top of Everest, to the pinnacle of Olympus, to the heights of Sirius, and to the depth of the universe. He is, and he always has been. He has been sorely missed, and now, the people shall see the return of the one, the only, of the former and future legend, of the once upon a time Hall of Famer, now looking to make his new stamp upon the industry he once ruled and dominated, He is named Gyalin Reece.

"And you will know that you can't hang with me, because I am he that makes the immortal mortal, the lame walk, the blind see, the wicked good, the good, wicked, the sighted blind, and brave, fearful, and the fearful Brave. I am the epitome of sickness, the epitome of despair.
I am the leper yet I heal the leprous. I am the pillar of goodness, and the face of greatness. I am the hero, I am the villain, and yet, I stomp out all Villainy. This is the Future you all have longed for, have searched for, have cried for, and I have come to give it to you, for I am the past, the future, and the Present, and this all happens.....NOW! I am Gyalin Reece, and so I have spoken, and so it shall come to pass!"

Immediate Goal: Be successful in the first pay per view

Long term Goals: Become IUWF World Champion

These are the words of the one Gyalin Reece, returning from exile. And all will tremble..Be afraid, be very afraid.
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Wrestler's Bio
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