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 To the Victor the Spoils(if we win)

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PostSubject: To the Victor the Spoils(if we win)   Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:18 pm

Riley and Crusher are handed the titles as the crowed are on there feet.Both men hold the titles high over their heads as the lights shine down on the titles making them look fab with glimmer.Riley goes to his knees and kisses the title as the camera moves around the men.The losers leave the ring.Colt limps to the ropes and looks back shaking his head as bone crusher jumps on the corner turnbuckle and shakes the title at the fans.The camera moves back to see riley getting handed a mic as he puts the title over his shoulder.

A-RIDE:"Hey guys guys wait up..hold on hold on..Look tonight went great".

The camera pans around the arena and shows the cheering crowd.The shows colt and his tag partner outside the ring near the steps looking around,hair wet with sweat,and nodding at Riely.Bone crusher jumps of and clapps as he walks over to the ropes

A-RIDE:"Look you guys put up one hell of a fight in here guys..and i think everyone even bone crusher and i have to say we got a lot of respect for that as the fans here do to right guys,So for the team who lost the titles but put a hell of a fight up in there lets hear it!

The camera again looks around at some of the fans who all clap and cheer the outgoing tag team champions.The camera then moves back to the two men who look at the fans and nod at them lifting their arms at the fans before making there way up the ramp as the camera fades
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To the Victor the Spoils(if we win)
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