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PostSubject: Sending A Message   Sat Sep 20, 2014 7:56 pm

Scene opens at the IUWF PPV, in a sold out show. As fans are enjoying a great match with two IUWF jobbers. Camera cuts to the parking lot, a limo enters the parking lot. It stops in the middle of the lot with the camera on beside the limo. The driver exiting the limo and walks to the back and opens the door. The Legend Assasin exits the limo with a black suit on. His IUWF tag team championship on his shoulder, a rollex watch on his left wrist. Colt Anderson next with his wrestling attire, and his tag team championship on his shoulder and their manager Teddy with his white suit.The Legend Assasin, Colt, and Teddy walk to the backstage area. They walk through the halls, Teddy leading, Legend in the middle and Colt at the end. Colt and Henry staring down superstars as they walk through the halls and make it to a locker room, Labeled IUWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. The three men enter and camera is still on the locker room door. Camera cuts back to the ring. Legend's music hits the PA and the IUWF fans cheers. Legend, Colt and Teddy comes out with Teddy holding the tag team championships on his shoulders. The three men walk down the ramp with smiles on their faces. Jobbers notice them coming. Legend and Colt enter the ring and run after the two jobbers just in time, as both men were about to leave. Legend grabs one of the jobbers by the head and delivers The Ascension to him and the jobber is knocked out. Henry delivers a Last Rites Superkick to the other jobber. Commentator 1: OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Colt and Legend just destroyed them!!! Teddy walks to the ring announcer and grabs a microphone from him and enters the ring with a huge smile on his face. He stops in the middle looking at the fans, they continue to cheer the three. Long: Did you saw what happened? Don't get upset if you hadn't this will again happen later tonight. Fans cheers. Long: After tonight the No. 1 contenders will never ever want to be again in the ring with these two guys because later tonight The Legend Assasin and Colt Andersin will destroy them Also to show you that we mean it, this is an example of what will happen later tonight. Teddy tells Legend something, as Legend exits the ring and runs to the ring announcer and throws him off the chair. Legend grabs the chair and walks to the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring. Slides both chairs into the ring and enters the ring. Legend lays one chair in the middle of the ring and grabs one beaten jobber and delivers The Ascension right on the chair. The beaten jobber starts to bleed slowly. As Legend picks the jobber up and grabs the chair. Swings it, right at the head of the jobber. The jobber starts letting out more blood. Colt grabs the other and hits him with the other chair. Legend and Teddy start laughing and Colt then laughs with them. Legend grabs the microphone from Teddy. Legend: You see that, That is the future of Riley and Crusher later tonight when we beat them. Crowd cheers him. Colt grabs the microphone from him and looks at the sold out crowd with an angered and determined look on his face. Colt: We won the tag team championships for a reason and if we lose them which won't happen I will hurt someone, I will kill Riley and Crusher tonight if I have to, to keep these championships.Long grabs the microphone from Colt. Long: Tonight is the very last time you will see  Riley and Crusher against us, Holla Holla Holla! As Teddy's music plays and the three men exit the ring. They head up the ramp and on to the backstage area as the scene fades away.
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