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Colt taunts daria title champion anderson
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Stan Nick Croce

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PostSubject: First Vignette   First Vignette EmptyFri Oct 03, 2014 3:21 am

While a match is going on in the ring, the match's video broadcast becomes fuzzy. The interruption continues and as the duration lengthens, the intensity escalates up to a point where nothing is watchable. Apparently, the audio feed isn't affected as the commentators are still audible.

Richard Potter: To the folks watching us at home, we do apologize for the interruption of your viewing pleasure. But it seems that there's an outside signal jamming our broadcast.

Xavier Lawson: It seems?! Richard, your stating the obvious is still irritating even in a situation like this. Folks, (a brief pause) This just in. Our boys in the broadcast truck just sent word that someone is indeed trying to pirate the frequency we're broadcasting through.

The static being broadcast clears up but it is clear that the broadcast is of a different location.

Richard Potter: Wait! I'm getting word that whoever is jacking our feed is broadcasting through the frequency now.

Xavier Lawson: (barely audible, clearly not talking into his microphone) Well, do something about it you lazy schmucks! (clears throat and continues speaking into the mic this time) Great! So whoever this genius is, went through all this trouble to inconvenience our viewers and broadcasts a brick wall. This is rich!

Richard Potter: Calm down, Xavier. It's not like the other networks haven't done . . .

Xavier Lawson: Calm down?! Calm down?! Are you kidding me?!

A raspy voice voice emanates from the speakers interrupting Xavier's ranting. The voice has a chilling quality to it that would sort of make those who hear it feel a mix of awe and fear. The camera then unsteadily focuses on a figure that steps out of the shadows. The figure takes a step to the slow and deliberately disturbing cadence of the song being sung. The closer he got to the camera, it becomes clear that whoever was behind it, wasn't comfortable with what he was doing.

Stan Nick Croce: (singing) Ring-a-ring o' roses, A pocket full of posies, Hush! Hush! Hush! Hush! You'll all tumble down.

Before the man walking toward the camera could be within arm's reach, the person takes several nervous steps backwards panning out his shot; revealing that the building the brick wall was a part of was an old decrepit church which was a few blocks away from where the show was tonight. The man continued walking towards the camera, still talking.

Stan Nick Croce: I am Stan Nick Croce. I am coming to the IUWF to rid it of the hypocrisy and the self-righteous scum who have decided to take the reigns over the meek who couldn't stand for them selves. I will bring justice and chastise them with the weight of their own sins. I'm coming.

Stan Nick Croce stops walking and crosses his arms on his chest and spreads them rapidly to his sides. At the exact moment he ended his actions, the old church violently erupts into flames in the background.

The feed instantly returns to the ring where the two wrestlers in the match are now both dumbstruck as their eyes were still focused on the Titantron.

Richard Potter: Who is this Stan Nick Croce?! What does he want with IUWF?! Most importantly (a pause) what is that smell?

Xavier Lawson: I think I soiled my pants.

The sound of firetruck sirens can be heard from outside the building as the match continues in the ring.
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