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 Wins and Losses

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PostSubject: Wins and Losses   Tue Oct 07, 2014 2:44 am

The camera zooms in on Antonio Falcon, yet again in his locker room, talking to himself.

Antonio Falcon: Over my so far short career in IUFW, I have had a win on my d├ębut, but followed by many losses. Losses that, one day I will think to myself, what went wrong? I'm not even in any title picture, I am one of the highest paid wrestlers in this fed, and I need to show why.

Antonio Falcon: And what better chance do I have against a veteran wrestler in IUFW, Alex Riley? I need to show the man to step up his game, introduce him to the modern world, where new and more talented wrestlers are coming in left right and centre. I'll show him.

And with that, Antonio stands up and walks out the door heading towards his match.
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Wins and Losses
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