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 The wrestler VS Wiggy Dogie

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PostSubject: The wrestler VS Wiggy Dogie   Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:25 pm

Besides the wall inside the locker room wiggy faces the wall. In the distant area the coach approaches after some issues.

Coach: Wiggy what happen to your witt, you haven't answer the media regarding on your title belt plus you haven't react on the issues throws at you.

Wiggy nods in motion with perfect glimpse and then direct his eye contact to his coach,.

Wiggy Dogie: I haven't seen the issues. I didn't want to answer them too. One thing in my mind i heard i had a up coming match? do you think it is worth to fight for... This Bulldog is some kind of a vet.

coach started to blur his mind out.

Coach: Will to start out the question in your mind meet my friend jacky 3rd time wrestler grappler holder and he whats to have some sparring match to anyone.

Wiggy Dogie: Aha! whoop whoop lets get ready to start now
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The wrestler VS Wiggy Dogie
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