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 gemma sits with the tag champions

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PostSubject: gemma sits with the tag champions   Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:52 pm

The camera goes to the locker rooms where gemma sits with Riley and Bone Crusher who hold their titles on their shoulders,in there ring gear and ready for action. gemma stands beside them mic in hand.

Gemma:"Hello, i am here with the current tag team champions,Hellrazors of palm springs.So boys tonight you guys are having a match to defend your titles against Arrow Madison + Or_acle.What are you guys hoping for think it will be a good match?"

Bone Crusher laughs and fixes his belt on his shoulder

Bone Crusher:" far we have outplayed all other challengers right,we have kicked ass,we have took the titles and we are strong as one!Now fine we face to idiots who don't know there tag moves from play blocks".

The camera pans over to alex who smiles and nods polishishing his title with a cloth.

A-Ride:"Ya you know, we don't just hold these titles for ourselves.The hellrazors hold these for our fans too,This is not just a title,this is a beautiful title.this stands for brotherhood.Now ok myself and Mr Crusher have talked and we both would like to branch out,get other titles but for now we are the title champions..and we don't plan on going anywhere."

Gemma smiles and moves over beside Bone Crusher.

Gemma:"That sounds like a plan.But tonight bone crusher you have a second title match to fight and defend you have to fight the coo and the challenger you face Gyalin Reece,how do you feel about fighting this icon?"

Bone Crusher:"Hey i have the title. I fought dame hard for the title.I am in great shape and i will not lose the International World Champion.If he wants it he has to take it from my (censored) dead cold hands!

The camera pans out and fades
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gemma sits with the tag champions
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