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 A new Friend

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Bone Crusher

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PostSubject: A new Friend   Sat Jul 05, 2014 10:34 am

Backstage area. Bone Crusher after his match is walking in the backstage ally and suddenly some one stops him from behind. Bone turns to look who it is and suddenly a punch comes towards him. Bone Crusher falls to the ground. Every thing to him appears blur. There are five men all of them are wearing masks except one of them. Bone Crusher does not recognize him due to blueness of eyes. All of them are having some sticks in their hand and start to beat Bone Crusher up. Suddenly there Killer 1 appears and tries to save Bone Crusher from the attackers. He beats them up and all of them run away. He gives a hand to Bone Crusher, he takes it and Killer one takes him to the doctor


At the doctors place Bone Crusher wakes up and beside him is Killer 1 and Gm Fred Barnes.

Killer 1: How are you feeling now Bone?

Bone Crusher: I am feeling a bit dizzy and my head hurts.

Killer 1: Do you know those guys who attacked you?

Bone Crusher: No my friend and thank you for helping me I always thought that you were always an angry person and cruel

Killer 1: i some what am but I have a good nature and by the way it was nothing. Hey you need to rest now as the Docs were saying that you are still in a critical situation so rest and I would then meet you tomorrow

Bone Crusher nods and goes to sleep where as Killer 1 and Gm Fred Barnes start to have a talk about who might have done that and their purpose?
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A new Friend
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