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title daria champion anderson taunts Colt
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PostSubject: The Antichrist   The Antichrist EmptyThu Oct 23, 2014 1:46 am

The Legend Assasin's theme blares over the PA System, the fans explode in boos for him. He comes out from the back as he stops on the ramp and immediately after having his pyro going off he continues to proceed down the ramp with all the fans booing him but he just ignores them and heads in the ring.

Ring Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Legend Assasin!"

The Legend Assasin again receives pretty huge boos from the IUWF fans. He walks over to a side of the ring and asks the time keeper for a microphone. The time keeper gets up and hands one to him, he takes it and heads to the middle of the ring and waits for the fans to quiet down.

The Legend Assasin: "Tonight I make a statement for all of IUWf by winning my next match and get one more step closer to get into the championship picture that I deserve. My entire career I have been looked down upon by the whole old fed. and then the second I jumped ship to IUWF I got all I had worked, oh ever so hard for in just a mere couple of weeks. What does that tell you about the life inside my old fed.? It tells you that the whole old fed. wouldn’t know talent if it jumped right in their faces, all their about is their “new young talent” that no one ever gave a crap about in the first place. But that doesn’t matter, beause I am going to submit my legacy exactly where it should be and that’s at the top, in the thirteen years that I have leaped off ladders, stages, hell I?ve even jumped off production sets, and climbed up thirty feet to hit a Swanton Bomb but what did I ever get for loving the company? I got stuck winning the belts no one is remembered for, while other people who “love” the company got it all. Like The other wrestlers in that fed.! That makes me sick, that you can let those arrogant, on and off screen, little idiots right into the company and hand them belts left and right on a silver platter when, it wasn’t until the end of my career where I held the Heavyweight Championships . Well, after the next ppv, that will all come to a shocking end because I don’t care who is my opponent Because I am “The Chosen One” and I will be the one who will be chose to headline next ppv and capture the Championship and remain at the top of the ladder, that I put on the map. I have the charisma, I have the athletic ability, and I have the mic skills. Something that even the best wrestlers in this buisness claims that’s what it takes to be the best in professional wrestling…

Known fact: I am the best in professional wrestling and I am the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling. I am more darker than anyone or anything that IUWF has placed on a live broadcast and you’ll see a small shade of that and what I possess here tonight."

The fans boos as Legend puts his arm down and takes a rest from speaking. He waits for the fans to quiet down again before he continues on.

The Legend Assasin: "As much as you’d like to admit it or not, I am the only chance that IUWF has of reaching new heights. I show no fear when I step in this ring, which means I can climb higher than anyone set in front of me. I will make an example to everyone who dares to enter this tournament as I look to advance and become nothing… But Immortal. Tonight, I show you all what a Fallen Hero looks like, and what he can become with a simple bitter taste of turning over and answering to the Disciples and becoming a Fallen Angel and bless this company. I have this burning desire, and that means that I wont quit until I get what it is I want."

The Legend Assasin drops his microphone as he raises one of his hands doing his trademark Extreme taunt. Legend goes up the ramp towards the locker room area as the camera fades away.
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