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PostSubject: My guy Kasum   My guy Kasum EmptySat Jul 05, 2014 11:16 am

Name: Doctor Jackson

Height: 6'1

Age: 19

Weight: 130

Alignment:  Face

Brief Bio: (okay to use an old bio)  He was born out 11 Children in Columbus, Ohio. He grew up watching WWE
and TNA. He liked it, and at a young age, 5, he started working out his body. He did it gradually when he was growing up. He begged and begged for his parents to let him learn fighting skills; They took him to the local Kung-Fu palace in his town, Sandusky. There, they taught him how to fight, they worked out with him, and they disciplined him. He was only 11 at the time. He got hang of it quick. His parents put him on a local AAU football team then, and he was chosen to be their runningback. He was very fast, faster than most people in his town. The Sandusky Eagles made it to the Ohio State Championship at the Horseshoe, but they lost 48-51. He was sad, but he was awarded the Ohio Football Kid Of The Year MVP Award. His parents then went on a Christian Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Israel when he turned 12 that year. He knew about Krav Maga, An Israeli fighting style. He learned it before he went back to Ohio, and his fighting and body power improved. He was just an ordinary kid who knew martial arts, he wanted to fight. His parents took him to Japan for a stay and see if he could wrestle; There was an organization that accepted him called the Japanese Kid/Adult Wrestling Federation, He won over and over, particularly because of his speed. He learned more Martial arts in Japan and got adept at it, He then became the Champion. He was ambushed alot, and beaten by gangs inside his Federation because he was too much of a winner, dealing serious damage to him and his friends. He made money, about $3,500, Because of his skill and people wanted to see him. However, this was just a small organization in Japan, He decided to move back to Ohio. The scouts there had seen that he had done good work, he wanted to become a wrestler now. He didn't want to be a runningback but he still played high school and college football at Ohio State. He made some money off of that, and he was enjoying his life now at major wrestling companies such as the Ohio State Wrestling Federations, Independent ones, until he got signed to the interunion fed.

Immediate Goal:  To become the champion of league/levels in his Federation

Long term Goals: To become the submission champion and to rule his league/level.
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My guy Kasum
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