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 Prophet's phone call

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Prophet's phone call Empty
PostSubject: Prophet's phone call   Prophet's phone call EmptySun Oct 26, 2014 7:07 am

Camera shows Prophet sitting in the center of his locker room, concentrating before his match with Gunner Jack. Suddenly his phone starts to ring. Prophet sights.

Prophet: Mokuso yame.

Prophet stands up, reaches to his bag and retrieves the phone. He looks at the screen and rolls his eyes. He answers the phone.

Prophet: Hi, mom. What is it?

Prophet does stretching while waiting for the response.

Prophet: Yes, I saw the match card  for tonight too. And yes, I know I have to face Gunner Jack. So what?

Prophet again waits for the response.

Prophet: It doesn’t matter that he is more experienced. Everyone here is more experienced than me. I’m just starting, remember? And don’t worry, everything will be OK, I’m a grown man for whatever’s sake!

This time Prophet have to pull the phone away from his ear to not have his hearing damage from the shouting.

Prophet: I know I shouldn’t talk to the mother like that. I know that was uncalled for. Yes, I will come to visit you. But now can you please let me prepare for my match. If you’re so worried just don’t watch the show.

Prophet finishes stretching and switches to crouches.

Prophet: No, I still don’t regret leaving judo and going for professional wrestling. I have to learn a lot but it will be worth it. And no, I’m not doing it just to prove you wrong. (pauses) Can we please talk about it tomorrow? Thank you, bye. (pauses) I love you too, I’m legally obligated to do so.

Prophet quickly ends the call just to not hear the response.

Prophet: Man, I really have to win, just to prove her wrong.

Camera fades.
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Prophet's phone call Empty
PostSubject: Re: Prophet's phone call   Prophet's phone call EmptySun Oct 26, 2014 7:07 am

Sorry for posting it so late, hope it still can go to the show.
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Prophet's phone call
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