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daria anderson taunts Colt title champion
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 Prophet's gimmick

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Prophet's gimmick Empty
PostSubject: Prophet's gimmick   Prophet's gimmick EmptySun Oct 26, 2014 2:31 pm

Name: Prophet

Height: 6ft 4 inch

Weight: 210lbs

Alignment: Face

Wrestler’s Style: Technique, prefer ground based fighting

Finishing Move: Portent (submission) (Prophet catches the opponent by the hand and jumps to catch him by a head with his legs
and powers him down on the mat applying the armbar)

Trademark Move: Ashi-Hishigi (Modified Ankle Lock)

Favorite Moves: Ankle Lock, Diving Headbutt

Trademark Weapons: none, Prophet avoid using weapons in the ring unless it's a hardcore match

Catchphrase: I'll respectfully make you scream!

Tag Team: None

Stable: None

Gimmick: Prophet is a former Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo. He had to finish his judo career early due to injury. He tries to use his judo skills in wrestling, which means he prefers submission moves and throws over any other form of offence. He believes that you should always respect your opponent and is friendly towards other wrestlers. However, he never let's anyone to push him around and retaliates very aggresively when someone tries that.

History: Prophet comes from Poland. He is a former Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo. He had to finish his judo career early due to injury. Following his younger brother's advice, he decided to try his strenght in pro wrestling. After winning the visa lottery he decided to put everything on the line and come to NWI to make his name in a wrestling world.
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Prophet's gimmick
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