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 The Tag Partner

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The Legend Assasin

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PostSubject: The Tag Partner   Wed Oct 29, 2014 1:05 pm

Arrow Madison's music hits as he comes out to a pop with both the tag title on his shoulders for his handicap match. As he's making his way towards the ring, he is attacked by his opponents from behind. Arrow tries to fight back but he is outnumbered. As the pre match beating continues, The Legend Assasin's music blares over the P.A. system and he runs to the ring. He attacks Brandon and Power till they start to regroup outside the ring. Legend helps arrow to his feet. Legend asks for a mic and he gets one. Before he starts to speak he says something in Arrow's ears. Then he grabs the mic near his mouth as he begins to speak.                                                                              The Legend Assasin: "Hey, both of you low life scums (pointing towards Brandon and Power) you like to gang up on people but from now on you will not get the chance. Because i am Arrow's new tag team partner and tonight all these great fans are about to witness beating of a lifetime that both of you are about to get. Deal with it."
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The Tag Partner
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