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 One chance,One title(open to nic)

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PostSubject: One chance,One title(open to nic)   Thu Oct 30, 2014 1:30 am

The lights flash and the crowd go wild as the arena lights dim.The tron lights flash as the theme. Blaze Of glory hits thru the P.A system. Coming down on the ramp.A-ride comes out on his custom chopper. Revving the engine twice.The camera moves towards A-ride,who wears his customized leather jacket .His dark aviators on his head and a black and blue bandana on his head.Slowly he starts of down the ramp and makes his way to the ring.The crowd cheer as he now moves around the ring twice,slapping the fans hands as he drives around the ring.Parking the bike over beside the announce table he gets of and raises his hands before taking a mic and going up the steps to the ring,in between the ropes and smiles looking around at the cheering fans.Waiting a few moments he looks at the title and raises the mic to his mouth as he stands in the middle of the ring.Waiting as the tune fades A-Ride puts the mic to his mouth

A-RIDE:"Tonight i fight alone,again,My partner,and college is taking some well needed time off,So Bone Crusher if your watching,hope your having fun bro."!

Smiles and points at the camera then puts his hand on his waist as he walks around the ring for a moment,head down then looks up at the fans.

A-RIDE:"Tonights a very important night for a few of us guys here tonight including myself.Now though i lost the tag team title.I can still keep my head up."

Looks around at the fans and puts out his hand towards them

A-RIDE:"I cans still loOk each and everyone of you in the eyes knowing i done my very BEST THAT NIGHT..But just was not good enough."

Hanging his head again as he rubs back his hair and heads to the left side of the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.Aride nods and rubs his face as he stops in the middle of the ring again.

A-RIDE:"You see tonight i have a chance to redeem myself and i get a shot of a lifetime.I get a chance to go and fight tonight for the KING OF THE RING TITLE!

The fans again have a mixed reaction to this as Alex lifts one hand up and looks around at the crowd.

A-RIDE:"And i'll be damned if i will lose this match.What does this title mean hey? Hell to means that I have worked my ass of to get where i am..,it means that i am one of the best in the business,It means that apart from one or two matches i have won.

The fans now cheer and chant A-Ride's name as the camera pans around the arena as they hold up their signs before going back to alex who takes of his glasses and places them on the pocket of his jeans.

A-Ride:"Hell i know i am not the best here but to be truthful with ya all,,i am not far from been the bet,taking out the trash,I am a high flying,death defying,Bike riding, title wearing *S.O.B*

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Stan Nick Croce

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PostSubject: Re: One chance,One title(open to nic)   Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:54 am

The shot pans out to show the audience in a near euphoric state as they show appreciation to A-Ride's speech.

Commentator 1: Now, that is how you get a response from a crowd! A-Ride! Probably one of the, if not the best wrestlers we have in the roster. That match he had last week was really a testament to this guys sheer will and perseverance.

Commentator 2: Damn right, it was! The odds weren't in his favor but he kept fighting back with whatever he had and had a couple of close calls too. To his credit, this guy will go places. Will tonight's match be the key to that place though? What do you think?

Commentator 1: Well, it's hard to speculate anything when it comes to title matches. Especially with his opponent tonight. I mean, what do we know about this guy, Stan Nick Croce? I've done some research on him and found nothing apart from the bloody matches he had prior to joining the IUWF. Some of the matches he was involved in never even got broadcast because of how violent they were.

Commentator 2: Sounds like another loose cannon to me. We've seen our share of those here in the IUWF and they don't seem to last long.

Commentator 1: I know of the type you mean, but this guy is different. He is systematic with what he did. Often times, we see brutes beat up on smaller guys to prove a point or something. Stan Nick Croce on the other hand literally had a giant of a man beat to about an inch of his life. This guy is dangerous!

Commentator 2: Dangerous?! Please! I bet you if he stepped into the ring right now. . .

The commentator is cut off by the loud rumbling of thunder that reverberates though the arena. Suddenly, twin jets of fire burst out of the platform framing the entrance ramp and threatening to burn the 'Tron as Rob Zombie's Boogieman booms out from the arena speakers. Mixed reactions come from the crowd as the, now familiar figure, Stan Nick Croce steps through the curtains and halts between the pillars of flame; the illumination from the pillars making his painted face more ominous, more diabolic, more sinister.

Commentator 2: Well, look at this! How convenient.

Commentator 1: You know what they say, "speak of the devil and he doth appear."

Commentator 2: He should realize how lucky he is! I mean, who comes into the IUWF, runs his mouth, has a few matches and then gets a shot at a title? It's practically unheard of!

Commentator 1: You maybe right, but the answer to your question seems to be about to make his way to the ring.

As the flames recede, Stan Nick Croce begins to make his way to the ring. Each step a deliberate one, indicating purpose with each stride. The crowd waits in anticipation as he gets closer to the ring. Stan Nick Croce slides through the bottom rope into the ring, walks up to the nearest corner and ascends to the second rope. He looks out into the crowd menacingly and crosses his arms on his chest and spreads them rapidly to his sides as he spews a thick red liquid that seemed to have the consistency of blood executing a variation of his signature taunt. The crowds cheers and jeers get louder. Stan Nick Croce's theme begins to fade as he steps down from the second rope, walks toward the opposite corner while motioning for a microphone.

Commentator 2: He's gonna say something. What a surprise!

Commentator 1: I wonder what his business is, coming into the ring while A-Ride is still talking to the crowd. Do you have any ideas as to what he's going to say?

Commentator 2: What do I think? Do I look like a fortuneteller to you? I don't care what he says, I even hope A-Ride punches him in the face and give us a preview of the title match.

A member of the ring crew hands Stan Nick Croce a mic. After receiving it, Stan Nick Croce walks to the center of the ring where Alex Riley is and begins to address him.

Stan Nick Croce: Alex Riley.

The crowd pops.

Stan Nick Croce: A-Ride.

The crowd pops even louder.

Stan Nick Croce: King of the Ring title, you and me, one on one tonight.

The crowd begins to chant "A-Ride! A-Ride!" repeatedly, getting louder and louder.

Stan Nick Croce: But I'll get to that in a bit. Tonight, I want to say something about dreams. Dreams are very important to us. It is what fuels us to continue moving forward. It is the fire that burns with such force as to give us the necessary motivation to tackle, surmount, even conquer near impossible odds! Believe it or not, Alex, it was your dreams that made you fight as hard as you did last week, when certain people in the back decided to throw you to the lions! See, Alex, here's what you [pause]

Stan Nick Croce turns around and motions to the crowd.

and all these people don't see. The people of whom I speak of, rob you of your dreams. They take those vestiges of our younger years and use them against us. For what? For fame? For wealth? For glory?

Commentator 2: Is there a point to all of this? What is this joke trying to say?

Stan Nick Croce: You have been made a puppet Alex. They used you and all the other innocents in the back. They took your dreams and invested them to realize their schemes and to further supplement their powers. This gave them a stranglehold over these people here and the millions more at home. They push the right buttons, pull the right strings while they dangle your dreams in front of you to ensure that you unknowingly heed their bidding. They know that you would strive hard to attain your goals, to reach your dreams and that you would become a big star in the process. Think about it Alex, they see you as a product, a commodity they market to the hordes of fans that support you. Do you see it now Alex? Do you see the truth that somewhere out there is a blue-collar man working his ass off to get his son YOUR latest action figure? That somewhere out there a single mom has to work double shifts so she can order the next Pay Per View so her children get to see their idol in action? You see it Alex? Has the light finally shone on you? You consider yourself a man of the people, stand up for them Alex. Stand with me. As for tonight's title match, bring everything you got as I will not hold back as well. No matter the outcome, I still want you to do the right thing. Let's bring the fight to them.

Stan Nick Croce extends a hand out to A-Ride. The camera focuses on the extended appendage.
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PostSubject: Re: One chance,One title(open to nic)   Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:39 am

Alex looks around to the people and looks somewhat confused.Looking at stan and his hand and then back to the fans before slowly lifting up his hand and takes stands hand.Moving closer to stan,A-Ride looks him right in the eyes as he moves the mic to his mouth.

A-RIDE:"I have not got a clue what the hell you just said.However i am no bodies puppet son.I fight for myself,My fans and for all the little a-rides out there.So you want a match for the people to see that they spent all there hard ass earned cash on then brother..lets give them one hell of a fight.!"

A-Ride moves back taking his hand away as the camera moves back again.Alex raises both hand above his head as the fans all cheer.Letting down his hands again he looks around the fans and then walks around stan

A-RIDE:"As for been the best wrestler on the roster..Ha!no no..i am not just there yet but i am growing,learning,producing something great but i am no Gyalin Reece or Jeremy Danielson or hell my own friend and tag partner Bone Crusher"

The fans all cheer loudly as alex said the names

A-RIDE:"But unlike some of the guys here i love the fans,i dreamed of been here all my life,now i am doing this for he working man..I look into the eyes of people like him*points to a young boy in the front* and i see the joy on his kids face and i know i am doing the right thing..i bet that kid right there would love to be were we are now and i bet if he wants to ,trains hard enough and really wants to he can be were we are right say i am been played..hell no..I am the say i am been used..well what about you..your on a contract to right.what makes us so different."
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PostSubject: Re: One chance,One title(open to nic)   

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One chance,One title(open to nic)
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