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 You scratch my back,Il scratch yours..

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You scratch my back,Il scratch yours.. Empty
PostSubject: You scratch my back,Il scratch yours..   You scratch my back,Il scratch yours.. EmptyThu Nov 06, 2014 2:04 am

The camera comes back from adds to show Alex heading down the hallway,wearing his dark blue jeans,and tight black tank top.The title over his shoulder.Stopping at the door,he checks his breath and nods.Fixing his hair he takes a deep breath and gives two knocks to Daria's door,hearing a little reply he opened the door and walks inside.

Daria Wilde: "Ah, just the man I wanted to see. So, Alex, I need ratings. And I have just the way to make those ratings."

Alex Riley: "What?Oh ya sure i heard about the ratings war but.. "

Daria begins to speak with a slight smirk before he could finish.

Daria Wilde: "And yes, this will benefit you. By the end of this night, you will be a champion, and worthy of..., umm, nevermind. But yes, tonight, I want you to do something for me."

A-Ride raises and eyebrow and then walks in some more,fixing his title.

Alex Riley: "Oh oh ya anything for you..i..i mean the company of course,Please just mention it.?"

Alex walked over to the end of the desk and looks into her eyes as the camera moves to the side of them

Daria Wilde thinks to herself, 'kiss me,' but shakes her head to get rid of the cobwebs. 'He's interested in Brittany. Remember that.' She answers him...

Daria Wilde: "Cash in your King of the Ring title match on the Grand Champion, after his match. Cash it in. He won't have time to do anything against him. Go in there, and take his title. It's yours. I want you to have it. And it'll teach Abigail a lesson."

She clenches her fist and raises her arm a little,sitting on the edge of her desk now just in front of alex,leaning in slightly to get her point across

[b]Alex Riley: "Mhh..ya know what..that sounds like a pretty good idea boss.I could whip his ass..i am a A+ player..sure..lets do this!"[b]

Daria Wilde: " And next season, we'll celebrate."

The camera pans out as the two nod.Alex looks over at his title and back to daria as she folds her arms.

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You scratch my back,Il scratch yours..
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