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PostSubject: ONE HELL OF A MATCH!"   Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:21 am

Alex Riley falls to the floor after the match..onto his knees as gunner lays on the ground.The crowd goes wild after the match as thy chant !IWF!..IWF!..IWF! The ref hands A-Ride The title and raises his hand..Slowly getting to his feet he walks over to gunner,putting put a hand to him.Gunner frowns and sits up,holding his side,looking to be panting hard..He starts to thump the floor and goes to get up as the crowd start to boo..Gunner gets up shouting stuff at alex as alex laughs in his face and shakes his head and shrugs.As the crowd are so loud it can not be heard whats been said but alex turns to leave..gunner stamps his foot and runs to the far side of the ropes and runs for Alex.Riley Turns around just in time to see gunner come at him to dodge to the side. dropping the title Riley kicks Gunner in the gut and grabs his head hitting a strong DDT! leaving gunner out cold in the middle of the ring.Riley smiles and goes,picking up his title and stands beside gunners body holding the title high.

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