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Colt champion taunts anderson daria title
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 Remembering the Past Part 1 by Legend Assasin

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Gyalin Reece

Posts : 62
Join date : 2014-06-12

PostSubject: Remembering the Past Part 1 by Legend Assasin   Fri Nov 07, 2014 5:42 am

The scene opens up as we appear in the middle of downtown in the big city. Steam floats out from the beneath the sewers as we see homeless people surrounding barrels which have fires lit in them. They gather around trying to warm up from the cold night tonight in the city. Some wheel their shopping carts full of cans and clothes while others sleep on the hard, cold pavement up against a wall which belongs to the stores. A man then walks as he coughs and walks by a man sleeping on a piece of cardboard paper. It's Arrow Madison.
Arrow Madison: "Son of a bitch, now why would Legend want me to meet him round these parts of the acity? And it's too cold and he KNOWS I hate the cold."
Arrow pulls out a piece of paper. He reads it, looks back up, and continues to walk forward. The camera follows him for several city blocks as he passes by more homeless people, prostitutes, and other things you'd find during the night in the middle of the Redlight District in the city. He continues to walk forward until he comes upon to what appears to be a large arena. Arrow looks around as he tries to warm himself up. Suddenly a loud bang of something falling down is heard.
Arrow Madison: "Anybody here? Whoever that is, come out right now or else -- or else I'm gonna whoop ya ass!"
Suddenly The Legend Assasin emerges from a dark area outside the arena.
The Legend Assasin: "Now, now, Arrow let's not get too jumpy..."
Arrow Madison: "Augh damn, Legend, you nearly scared 'the shit 'outta me."
The Legend Assasin : "Nearly? C'mon Arrow, let's not fool ourselves here. Did you bring what I asked for?"
Arrow Madison: "Yeah but I just don't understand why in the hell you'd want me to bring a crowbar. Here take it."
Arrow hands the crowbar to Legend.
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Gyalin Reece

Posts : 62
Join date : 2014-06-12

PostSubject: Re: Remembering the Past Part 1 by Legend Assasin   Fri Nov 07, 2014 5:43 am

The Legend Assasin: "Watch."
Suddenly Legend messes with the door's chains and finally is able to open the doors. He opens them wide to reveal something to Arrow.
The Legend Assasin: "Arrow... welcome... to the ECW Arena!"
Arrow Madison: "Holy shit! The ECW arena in this flesh... but Legend, why did you drag me here."
The Legend Assasin: "Because I'm here to prove something. Let's go."
Legend and Arrow walk into the ECW Arena as they make their way into the main part of the arena. The chairs are all set up as apparently a wrestling show from another promotion is to take place sometime soon. Legend and Arrow make their way down as they reach the guardrail. Legend pretends to be a small child and he leans over the guardrail a bit and pretends to high-five a wrestler. He then moves back and takes a seat. Arrow does so too as he puts his feet up on the guardrail.
The Legend Assasin: "See, Arrow... this is where you THOUGHT you made a name. Losing blood every night, breaking something every few months... destroying people's backs by driving them through tables. All that... well all that you did it here. In this very arena was where you drew the fans as they cheered their heads off screaming "CRUSHING FINALE! CRUSHING FINALE! CRUSHING FINALE!" This is the very place where you did "it"and the fans screamed until they could scream no more. Yeah, you made a name for yourself. You made a name for yourself from being a crazed man and pile-driving women in their bare panties from the ring down through tables resting on the arena's floor. Your callling card was spearing and mangling athlete's bodies through wooden tables and making the fans go wild. You made every man in that locker room shake in their boots when the name "Arrow Madison" was mentioned. You made yourself an important man in this business by simply doing what you loved to do and what you did best... and that wasn't "wrestling" Arrow, no. Instead what you did that made you an important asset was be "hardcore". Being "hardcore" was what made Arrow a household name and it's what you owe your career to... being "hardcore" ended a lot of wrestler's careers and you were the one who either ended them... or tooks months from them. You did it best back here. Killing people's careers is what you did best, Arrow. But see that was back here in the ECW and you ain't in the ECW no more. You are in the IUWF and it's a whole new game cause you messing with the big boys. Back here you were nothing but a damn coward by beating women damn it! You beat women and you had to use weapons to beat your opponents! You could never do it the honorable way and that was to just simpley BEAT your opponent with the 1-2-3. Yeah you kicked ass, pile-drove women through tables, speared the shit out of men through tables, and yeah you got yourself a title, BIG DEAL! but see it wasn't the largest prize in 'tha game, no instead it was the Television championship! It wasn't no stinkin ECW World championship, it was some damn title that had been held by some grass-smoking dumbass! What good does that do you? Sureh you were the last man to hold the ECW Television championship that's a big accomplishment but it isn't anything to be proud of. See Arrow you never did or could beat anyone without using a table. If it wasn't the table, it was the chair... and if it wasn't the chair... then it was the belt itself. Well you got past all that and you came to the IUWF where you're now the Tag Team Champion. Sure it's terrific that someone like you could defeat two men in under ten seconds... That's all fine & dandy but do you really think the record books are gonna matter when you lose the strap? Do you think it actually matters to have the longest streak as an active champion when you've then lost it? Wouldn't you rather have that Tag Team Championship over your shoulder or around your waist? Isn't that what this business is all about? To reach that certain pinnacle in your company and be the MAN TO BEAT? You think all this I've done... the breaking & entering violation and the destroying property is all an adrenaline rush?"
Arrow Madison: "Property destruction?"
The Legend Assasin: "Watch this."
Legend suddenly starts kicking the chairs out of place as he knocks the guardrails over. A table rests by the ring area for the ring announcer and time keeper. He grabs a chair and starts to smack the table as it smashes into pieces. He knocks all the guardrails surrounding the ring and kicks more and more chairs out of place and even throws some into the ring. He tears the banner on the bottom of the ring to reveal everything lieing beneath the ring. He grabs a fire extinguisher and starts to spray it all over the place. He grabs paint and spills it all over the ring and the chairs and ring posts. The Legend Assasin: "Let's go, got one more spot to visit for your old-times sake."
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Remembering the Past Part 1 by Legend Assasin
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