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 Which Side To Join?

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Stan Nick Croce

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PostSubject: Which Side To Join?   Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:42 pm

The camera crew once again finds themselves in the dark of another broiler room. This one has less clutter than the previous one, making it easier for the crew to navigate. They find Stan Nick Croce brooding in a dark corner.

Stan Nick Croce: Last week was great. A-Ride and I gave it quite a go for the title of King of the Ring. I may not have won the title but I have gained much more than that. I gained the trust and friendship of one of the best competitors in the federation, A-Ride. It also seems that I'm getting more cheers from the crowd as well.

The crowd gives a loud pop.

Stan Nick Croce: Now, let me bring to your attention something that has the entire roster buzzing and busy going helter skelter. There is a struggle for supremacy going on and both sides are looking for pawns to use as footholds to establish dominance over the other. As of now, I see that there are some wrestlers who have made their choices and pledged allegiance. Now, there are some people who have approached me with offers and threats to join their specific causes. Tonight, I will be choosing the lesser evil. As I have said it, it shall come to pass.

Stan Nick Croce marks his forehead with his trademark inverted cross with the middle finger of his left hand which was earlier dipped into a thick red liquid.

Stan Nick Croce: Tonight, pain.

Stan Nick Croce produces an hourglass from inside his leather jacket, puts it on a chair, looks into the camera that is at the moment zooming in on his face.

Stan Nick Croce: Time waits for no one. Time flows continuously forward. Are things really predetermined or are we really the captain of our fates? Many things come and go; the earth, washed into the sea; mountains reshaped by torrents of winds through years; beauty to ashes and many more. Title reigns too end in due time. Who will feel pain tonight? Only time can tell and we shall all know who when the time comes.

Stan Nick Croce spews red liquid into the camera which obscures part of the shot which now focuses on the hourglass. The sand slowly sifting from the chamber on top into the chamber below.
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Which Side To Join?
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