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title anderson Colt taunts champion daria
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     Ultimatums and more warnings

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    PostSubject: Ultimatums and more warnings   Ultimatums and more warnings EmptyMon Dec 29, 2014 3:40 am

    The scene opens with the camera panning through the crowd of fans in the arena, some holding sings praising the powers that be and yet other signs supporting the newest edition to the roster, Spookmeister.

    Alia Ghost is standing in the center of the ring waiting patiently, she gestures over to the announcers table... suddenly the lights go dim and Links 2,3,4 by Rammstein begins to blare loudly all over the arena and a bald figure walks into view
    wearing a black trenchcoat, his steady pace of movement has the entire crowd in anticipation of this man and what he may or may not say. As he approaches the halfway point in his trek to the ring the lights go completely out and the crowd becomes silent.
    A moment later the Titantron explodes with strikes of lightning and sounds of thunder as the entrance music fades out. The illumination of this strange man by the bolts of lightning on the Titantron has caught the attention of Alia Ghost who grips the mic in her hand
    even harder... almost nervous grip. The sounds of the thunder and the images of the lightning fade away as the lights suddenly come back up to full power and the Spookmeister is standing in the ring a couple of feet away from Alia.

    Ultimatums and more warnings Lightning_hits_tree

    Alia adjusts her stance and takes a small step forward and moves the mic to her lips. She speaks...

    "Welcome to the IUWF Spookmeister. The whole locker room is abuzz after your comments in the back, would you wish to elaborate on those comments?"

    Alia pushes the mic in front of Spookmeister, who just stands there for a moment as the crowd begins to chant his name. All of the sudden Spookmeister grabs the mic from Alia's warm and soft hands and presses it to his own lips.

    "Alia, I will not answer your questions because you serve what I despise most... AUTHORITY!"

    Spookmeister stares into Alia's eyes until she takes a few steps back and he then continues...

    "If there is one constant in this world it is that there always seems to be someone who thinks they can control everyone and everything around them." Spookmeister looks around at the crowd as they cheer even louder, Spookmeister slowly smiles and speaks yet again.

    "My message to the IUWF was a simple one... get out of my way or get run over, but there are going to be those folks who wish to try and stop a man who listens to no one such as myself. Those people are in for a rude awakening when they try to control me, I don't like authority
     not because I don't like order... but because I don't like the bullying behavior they promote to achieve their goals. As of now that sure as hell will stop!! I don't take prisoners and I don't sympathize with servants of the devil known as authority! So to sum this up the best I can,
     there will be retribution and payback for anyone who tries to invoke their will upon anyone in that locker room. Now that I am here, a new era will begin... the era of ORDER through chaos, not order through fear."

    Spookmeister takes another look around and straightens his shoulders to adjust his trenchcoat as the crowd is just simply going crazy at this point. Spookmeister raises his left hand and gestures to the crowd to please tone it down and they comply with his request.

    Spookmeister speaks,"I have said everything I wish to say... to the powers that be... BEWARE THE LIGHTNING AND THUNDER OF MY APPROACH!"

    Spookmeister throws the mic back at Alia Ghost as the fans crowd roars, he slowly makes his way back to the backstage area as Alia looks on in disbelief.
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    Ultimatums and more warnings
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