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 Coalition of Carnage

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PostSubject: Coalition of Carnage   Coalition of Carnage EmptyTue Jan 06, 2015 9:27 am

The scene opens as a blue 1969 Pontiac G.T.O. pulls into the parking lot of the arena. A few seconds later another vehicle, a lime green 1970 Dodge Charger pulls in right beside the first vehicle. From a distance the camera catches a glimpse of Spookmeister and Jay Hall
exiting the vehicles as both stars speak to each other... there is a tense moment where both stars simply stare at one another. But as quickly as this confrontation began it ends with Jay Hall walking into the arena past the camera. The camera then pans back to Spookmeister
who is getting his bag from his trunk, he closes the trunk and follows the same path as his predacessor Jay Hall, only Spookmeister stops for a moment and stares into the camera with his dark and callous eyes... he then moves on. The scene fades...

Coalition of Carnage GTO02

Coalition of Carnage 70dodge52521-2

Darkness gives way to light as Fell So Numb by Rob Zombie begins to blare throughout the arena... from backstage appears Jay Hall wearing his usual garb of a black t-shirt, ripped up blue jeans and wrestling boots... he walks calmly to the ring and up and stairs into the ring between the ropes.
He immediately demands a mic from the personnel at ringside... the oblige him and he begins to speak.

"Blood, so much blood... that is what awaits for all of you. Destruction and damnation will be a recurring theme as my presence is felt, not a single man here knows what he will be getting himself into when they step into this very ring with the likes of me. Nothing but blood awaits."

Suddenly Links 2,3,4 by Rammstein begins to play and the lights darken somewhat, Jay Hall has an annoyed look as he focuses his gaze toward the aisle to ringside. From behind the Titantron, Spookmesiter appears to a mixed reaction of cheers and boo's... probably more cheers. Spookmeister along with
the mic he has in his hand sports his black trenchcoat, black ripped up jeans, and a Mudvayne t-shirt. He walks steadily to the ring and makes his way up the steps and into the squared circle where he leans in the corner staring at Jay Hall and begins to speak.

"All this talk about blood, if there is anyone here who will spill some blood it will be me. All the injustice and the corruption will be made to bleed, bleed so much they will be in need of transfusions to set them straight before I make them bleed yet again."

Jay Hall rasies his hand like a boy in school to interrupt the Spookmeister. Spookmeister simply waves as to say go ahead...

"Listen Spook, blood is my specialty... if you want to make people bleed you'll have to get in line. I don't have time to have a competition with you about who will make whomever bleed first or most. But I will agree transfusions may be necessary for those in my path."

Spookmeister cuts Jay off as he stands upright and begins to walk towards him... Jay assumes a defensive stance as the Spookmeister stops a couple of feet away from him. Spoomeister speaks yet again...

"You are right Jay, neither one of us have the time to stand here and talk about who is going to do more damage. My goal is to lay down as much devastation as humanly possible... and I am an extraordinary human, much like you."

Spookmeister looks at the crowd as they begin to cheer rather nervously and continues...

"How about this Jay? We both seek to destroy, we both seek blood, and we both seek annihilation of our foes. After our little discussion in the parking lot I came to realize that domination can be best achieved with someone like myself as a partner."

Jay Hall takes a confused step back and then stands firm as the Spookmeister continues to speak.

"Imagine the damage we could do together, imagine the destruction and wrath we could unleash upon this roster and the front office... these people have no idea what they are in for. No idea what makes us tick, and no idea how much blood we can spill."

With that, Spookmeister gives a gesture, deferring the floor to Jay Hall... Jay of course speaks.

"You say we have common goals? You say we want to make everyone bleed? Thats something I can go with, perhaps we underestimated each other earlier... so what exactly are you saying?"

Jay then lowers his mic as to give the floor back to the Spookmeister.

"Its simple Jay... let us join together and vanquish anyone and anything that gets in our way. Let us give birth to a new movement... a movement known simply as, The Coalition of Carnage? That has a nice ring to it, yes?"

Spookmeister again looks around at the crowd, the crowd are standing in utter silence and anticipation of an answer from Jay Hall... Jay also looks around and then slowly raises the mic to his lips...

"You know, I think you have a valid point... why waste our energy trying to out do each other? This could be fun."

Jay Hall then drops his mic onto the canvas and sticks out his hand... Spookmeister smiles and extends his own hand. The two stars then shake hands as Spookmeister has one last thing to say...

"All of you have just bore witness to the greatest movement in the IUWF being born... I think its time to raise hell!"

Spookmeister throws his mic at the announcers at ringside as both he and Jay walk together from the ring and to the back with Links 2,3,4 by Rammstein playing in the arena.
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Coalition of Carnage
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