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 Let the hunt begin

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PostSubject: Let the hunt begin   Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:28 am

*The arena goes black as the crowd begins to die down, wondering why the lights were cut. Suddenly, the titan tron has comes to life, with a red sniper reticle showing. The reticle fades out, as Play for Keeps by B.o.B. plays throughout the arena. After 10 seconds of only the song, the lights turn back on as a man, wearing a navy blue t-shirt with a circular logo in the middle with the letters 'EG' in the circle. He stands on the top of the ramp, looking into the crowd. He pounds his large chest three times, and on the third pound blue, white, and gold sparks shower behind him. He makes his way towards the ring, with microphone in hand. Before entering the ring, he points towards it with his left hand, making an imaginary gun with it. He makes a small recoil with his hand before 'blowing the smoke'. He enters the ring by sliding under the bottom rope.*

Unknown Man: "International Union Wrestling Federation!"

*He pauses as the crowd erupts into cheering and clapping. After a few seconds it dies down again, allowing the unknown man to speak. His hair is brown, slightly curly, and is well maintained. He has stubble on his face, looking like he hasn't shaven today. He speaks with a slight french accent.*

Erebos: "My name is Erebos. You didn't know that, now you do. I've been called in for immediate assistance by people who wish to remain anonymous. You can kill me an exterminator, but I prefer the term hunter. I'm here to clear the scum you call wrestlers.

*The crowd has apparent mixed opinions about the man. The younger seem to be cheering, while the older seem to like Erebos' goal in the federation. Erebos doesn't delay to let the crowd find a side they can choose, as he continues talking almost immediately.*

Erebos: "I will hunt, destroy, and remove every single one of my targets. Some may call me a mercenary, others a cheap shotting, good for nothing loser. I respect that. Only if you respect your face being driven into every surface in this maniacal country. Now, if you excuse me, I have some people to injure. I'll see you guys later."

*The man drops his microphone in the ring, drops to the mat, and slides under the bottom rope. 'Play For Keeps' starts to play again, as he walks backwards up the ramp, laughing into the faces of the fans in the front row.
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Let the hunt begin
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