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 Fight for love (on the phone need help to edit)

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PostSubject: Fight for love (on the phone need help to edit)   Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:03 pm

The camera cuts in to the locker room and sees Alex Riley who sits on a bench looking at a photo,his title sits on one knee. Wea ring his black leather pants,black boots,black bandana and a black tight t-shirt. Cracking his neck he sits back leaving the photo face down and stare's at the camera for a moment.

A-RIDE." A new session  has began and yet the powers that me forbid my love of my one true one.The one who I want to be with for the rest of my life.But because of her heart,and post ion. .Our love can't be."

Looking down at the photo again  the over to the title.Picking it up and sitting forward,stare's at the title shining in the light of the locker room.

A-RIDE."But I shall fight for her love and the love of her management. You see my love is also wrestling,my fans and family. What I hold here is what it will now be about. This right here is power in her own right.The chance of becoming the face of one of the best company's in the world.And tonight some sloberknocker wants to take it from me..Let me tell ya something..".

Alex turns the title around holding it,facing the camera as he now frowns.

A-RIDE." The sucker wanting this must not want to walk..cause I am full of rage because of my lost feelings of love..And when I lock in a sharpshooter and break the mans spine..He will only leave in a medical  streacher or ya know what he will never walk or fight again so maybe he will need a ambulance? Darla is in charge..and will remain in charge!.."

the camera moves back before fading
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Fight for love (on the phone need help to edit)
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