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 I'm ready when you need me

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PostSubject: I'm ready when you need me   I'm ready when you need me EmptyFri Jan 16, 2015 6:59 pm

The camera cuts to outside the office of GM Fred Barnes, a figure seemingly materialises in front of his door. The figure is wearing a black and brown coloured flight jacket, with black jeans and brown coloured timberland boots. He reaches an arm up to the door and knocksl, he enters without pre-ample. The camera follows the figure in as the GM can be seen over the figure's shoulder busy in paperwork. The figure walks up to the GM without him some how being noticed. He stops just short of the GM's desk and clears his throat rather loudly. Fred Barnes suddenly looks up and his face goes white as a sheet, as if he's just seen a ghost. He can barely gets his words out.

Fred Barnes: "Whh .. Wha .. What .. Are you doing he .. Here?"

The face of Fred Barnes losses ever more colour, even though it doesnt seem possible as the figure says something that cannot be heard. Fred tries to grab the water jug that's on his desk but instead manages to spill it over himself. He jumps with with a shriek as laughter is heard from the figure. Fred's face quickly turns from near white to a deep shade of red within a heart beat as he seems gather his resolve. He stands up fully looking at the man opposite him, the figure just points at the massive wet patch on his crotch and then proceeds to double over in his effort of laughing. Fred's face gets ever more red in colour as his temperature rises.

Fred Barnes: "WILL YOU STOP that laughing at once! IT's YOUR FAULT that it happened in the first place turning up like this. Just WHO do you THINK you are?"

The figure seems to slowly get his own resolve under control as he slowly straightens. His hands appear to go to his face to wipe away tears that have no doubt been streaking from his eyes. He slowly stops shaking and finally stands up towering over Fred. The figure then starts to walk around the desk so he can get closer to Fred but for every step the figure takes forward, Fred manages to take one step backwards. The figure continues to advance on Fred as he continues to go backwards, unaware that he boxing himself in as he closes on the wall behind him. Fred takes one last step backwards and then realises his error and his hands hit the wall behind him. He takes a moment to look behind him at the wall and as soon as he looks back the other way the figure is stood right in front of him and he has no where to go. His face starts to go white again as the figure towers over him, the figure lowers his head towards Fred until they are barely touching. Fred seems to be gulping for air as he tries to loosen his tie, to little effect.

The Figure: "Why are you acting like this Fred, you know full well who I am, you are the one that signed me after all".

Fred Barnes: "But yo .. ".

The Figure: "I know I haven't been around but things are about to change and I'm the one that's going to change things. You bought me in here to be the best and that's exactly what I'm going to be. I'm ready now to take this show to the next level. I ready when ever you need me because believe me you will. I am Jeremy Danielson and I'm finally ready to show this wrestling federation exactly what I'm made of".

The figure then stands up straight and within two heartbeats he's no where to be seen. Fred looks around the office as he is finally able to catch his breath. He does his tie back up as he picks his phone out of his pocket. He makes a quick call.

Fred Barnes: "Ok he's just been in .. Yes I did exactly what you planned ... No he doesn't expect a thing .... Don't worry I will .... Next week and he'll be ready".

Fred hangs up the phone as his lips turn into a smile.
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I'm ready when you need me
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