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 Lu Bu biography

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Lu Bu biography Empty
PostSubject: Lu Bu biography   Lu Bu biography EmptyMon Jan 19, 2015 8:54 am

Name: Lu Bu
Height: 6'8
Age: 27
Weight: 288 pounds
Alignment: Tweener

Year 195, China. Somewhere nearby Xiapi Cheng.

Lu Bu was having a duel with Xu Zhu from the Cao Cao army, as the dueling between them heated up, the sky befalls with darkness, thunders creeps in and a gigantic tornado suddenly appeared taking all in it.
Lu Bu trying hard to stay away from it but in the end, been taken into the tornado and never be seen again...

Until this day...

Year 2015, Lu Bu appeared out of no where into the middle of Alaska with his Halberd and his trusty steed-Red Hare.

And so, the journey of Lu Bu finding himself and living in this new world has begin...
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Lu Bu biography
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