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 promo for feburary 1: I will fight to prove. (EDIT PLEASE!)

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PostSubject: promo for feburary 1: I will fight to prove. (EDIT PLEASE!)   Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:29 pm

Mister N: Look im going to get right to the point. Red thinks he can come up right in my face and tell me i can't do it? Look, red im not here to play games. I will prove to you, the locker room, and the whole iuwf universe that i am better than you.

Mister N: Red, i am the master of oblivion. So don't judge me by the way i fight. Because you better remember the outcome of your match. I will shred you to pieces. That is ofcourse if you accept my invitation. Feburary 15, me against you last man standing. So tell me, are you willng. Come out here! Right now! You come out herre and tell me! Are you scar-

*Red's theme hits*
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promo for feburary 1: I will fight to prove. (EDIT PLEASE!)
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