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Colt anderson taunts daria title champion
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 Blood and Destruction

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Jay Hall

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Blood and Destruction  Empty
PostSubject: Blood and Destruction    Blood and Destruction  EmptyTue Feb 03, 2015 10:22 pm

-"The Devil In I" by Slpiknot starts to play over the loud speakers. The titan tron starts to show static as blood starts to seep down it. As it pools on the floor, Jay Hall steps out into the middle of the pool of blood. He looks down and rolls his head around. Then with a quickens Jay runs to the ring, as bloody foot steps follow him and slides into the ring. He gets to his feet and asks for a mic.-

Jay Hall: Tonight is the night.
Tonight is our time.
Blood and Destruction shall prevail!
Spook and I face the so called best tag team ever to grace this place.
They have not faced us yet.
They have not felt the wrath of Blood.
It is time.
Time is coming for them.
It is not on their side.

-Jay stops and rolls his head back and forth.-

Jay Hall: It is time for this place to see what true pain is.
Blood shall flow like a over run river.
I and Spook will make sure of that.
There is nothing here that can stop us.
I dear anyone to try.
Step inside this ring.
You shall see the Devil In I!

-Jay then looks to the back as his eyes roll into the back of his head. Jay snaps his head forward as his eyes come back into place.-

Jay Hall: The so called "Legend" and the Broken Arrow will feel our wrath.
This place will not be the same once were done.
Blood shall fill this ring.
Blood shall fill your seats.
Blood shall fill your mouths.
Step in side.
Step in side with the Devil and I!
Its coming.

-Jay looks to the back again.-

Jay Hall: Spook, join me.
Join me in this ring.

-Jay Hall drapes himself over the ropes waiting.-

OOC: Ok Spook or anyone else, join on in Smile
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Blood and Destruction  Empty
PostSubject: The beginning...   Blood and Destruction  EmptyWed Feb 04, 2015 6:58 am

The scene opens with Jay Hall standing in the middle of the ring leaning on the ropes with a mic in hand and the fans looking nervously towards the backstage entrance into the main arena... suddenly the lights dim. After a few moments Links 2,3,4 by Rammstein begins to
blare all over the arena as the fans begin to raise the decibel level and soon nothing can be heard but the IUWF Universe in all its glory.

The cameraman walks deliberately towards the titantron and peers the gaze to a shadowy figure appearing from behind it, holding a sceptre in his left hand and wearing a long black trench coat which is lighted with the words Blood and Destruction. The crowd somehow gets even louder as the Spookmeister slowly walks towards the ring,
about halfway he stops and raises his sceptre as the arena lights up from a massive bolt of lightning hits the artifact from above, the crowd gets quiet all of the sudden and then the sound of thunder is heard as the fans begin to cheer yet again. Spookmeister reaches the ring with the cameraman in tow and enters motioning to Jay that he requires the mic.
Jay Hall uses his sinister smile and then hands off the mic to the Spookmeister as the music and special effects stop and the crowd hushes it once loud tone.

Blood and Destruction  Lightning

Spook: "Hello everyone... do you like my coat? I thought it was fitting to have this coat made for this particular match because these two words sum up exactly what will be going on here tonight... put simply, the birth of a new dynasty. So what do you fans think, does Blood and Destruction sound like a proper name to you?"

Spookmeister lowers the mic and both he and Jay Hall take a look around at the crowd as they begin to give their approval by chanting, "B and D", over and over again.

Spook: "Now lets get down to business shall we? Tonight there is a tag team out there who needs to be brought back to reality, both blood and destruction await them. They may be entering the ring with those titles but they damn sure won't leave the ring with them.
What I see when I look at the current champs is misery, we have a man named Arrow Madison and another named Legend Assasin."

Spookmeister smiles slightly and continues as Jay leans on the ropes once again and watches the spectacle.

Spook: "Guess what Legend, you have run out of people who will bow to your greatness. We do not bow to anyone nor will we ever do such a thing. The powers that be made this matchup because they know your time is near its end, so now the powers that be want a pair of new faces to wear those belts.
Their only error is that we will not wear these belts for them... we will wear them for us! So yes, you may be the one they call the Legend Assasin, but tonight the only assassination taking place is your own."

The cameraman moves into the ring via the steel steps and gets into a better position. Tha fans still chanting "B and D".

Spook: "This has been a long time coming for the IUWF, the revolution has started and will be finalized tonight with the blood of our two opponents and the annihilation which awaits them. Let me explain how this is going to work."

Spookmeister takes a couple of steps forward towards the camera as the lights dim even more as lightning can again be seen above the ring with thunder all around. Spookmeister gives an unemotional stare into the camera.

Spook: "We will turn every advantage you have into a disadvantage Arrow and Legend. Since we like our practices of annihilation we will forego any pleasantries and smash Arrow first... once Arrow is so far gone legend will jump into the fray and try to get some
semblence of control back, but myself and Jay will be waiting... the only thing you will see isn't the Arrow who is your tag partner... but the arrow we run straight through your beating heart."

Jay Hall then begins to fire up the crowd raising his arms into the air as the fans do indeed become loud once again with their cheers.

Spook: "Tonight, that gold belongs to us, henceforth Blood and Destruction are here to stay."

With that, Spookmeister drops the mic and raises his sceptre as yet another lightning bolt strikes and white smoke fills the ring. The cameraman stumbles backwards as he tries to get a shot of Spook and Jay. But all is for nothing as both have seemingly disappeared following the lightning and smoke show.
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Blood and Destruction
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