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 Mister N's road to the union title

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PostSubject: Mister N's road to the union title   Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:15 pm

*Mister N rushes into Abigal's office*

Abigal: Look who we have here. Mister N himself.

Mister N: Yeah im here. Look that loss last week, i need a rematch. I'm not going to let thast be the image of me.

Abigal: i was hoping you would bring that up. See if you join my team, you will get all the title shots you want. Our team will help you win them, and you will be the best wrestler there ever was.

Mister N: I don't want help. I get my titles, my way. And if you don't get me my title shot, my road to that chapionship starts now. BEAT IT!

Abigal: you will regret this
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Mister N's road to the union title
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