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 Princess Alexandra's Debut

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PostSubject: Princess Alexandra's Debut   Sat Feb 28, 2015 10:03 am

(** My use of "Jillian" of whom isn't on the roster or connected with this fed is purely in the role of mentor, manager and lover to Princess Alexandra Aravani. When I first started Alexandra I felt she needed someone to aid her in various ways do to Alexandra's background. Do forgive me if my usage of "Jillian" complicates things but I do feel as of right now that "Jillian" is an essential part to Alexandra's character. **)

(Jillian and Princess Alexandra wait backstage)

(Jillian tenderly grasps the hand of Alexandra of whom seems abit nervous)

Jillian : Its ok to be nervous. This is your first show. I was nervous too when I joined my first fed. Its a completely different atmosphere then what you were use to on the Indys but trust me I know everything will go alright....I not only believe in your abilities but I believe in you.

Princess Alexandra : I have no power here. I can't control anything. I've never been in a situation were I didn't have complete control or atleast some control....

Jillian : Alex listen to me very closely when I say this. You were royalty were you came from but here your title means nothing and it holds no power. You're just one of many wrestlers backstage trying to compete to be world champion. (Jillian leans in and tenderly kisses Princess Alexandra on the cheek) . I've been in many aspects of this business for well over a decade so believe me when I say that I know you'll be just fine.

Princess Alexandra : I'm only will people come to respect me at my age if I have no power?

Jillian : I'm 37 and it took me years to gain the respect of my peers. We are woman in a male dominated sport. Things wont come easy for us but let me tell you this as bluntly as I can my love....with your natural athletic and leadership abilities you wont have to wait long before people look to you to lead them into the future and it wont matter if they're male or female. Once you've won their hearts and earned their respect, they'll follow you anywhere.

Princess Alexandra : (Princess Alexandra shyly smiles at Jillian and responds nervously)  Really?

Jillian : (Jillian leans in and kisses Alexandra deeply then looks deep into her eyes and responds confidently) Yes....Yes I do.
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Alexandra's Debut   Sun Mar 15, 2015 7:25 pm

Zadkeil: *Standing against the wall Listening to Jillian and Alexandra chat preshow*

Zadkeil: *Snickers as I watch them kiss* Your right Jillian this is a male dominated sport, and for good reason, your little young "princess" there and yourself dont deserve any respect. Jillian you look like your 40, not 37 old woman, No way on this earth can you ever of been a wrestler, I could beat you old girl any day any style, what do you say?

Zadkeil: *looks dead at Alexandra and Jillian, smirks and resumes looking at the opposite wall.

(This is my first prematch RP so if im doing this wrong any mod can correct this and explain the fed rules)
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Alexandra's Debut   Mon Mar 16, 2015 12:20 am

Princess Alexandra begins to get up to confront Zadkeil but Jillian stops her

Jillian : Stop....its alright Alexandra let me take care of this.

Jillian calmly gets up and confronts Zadkeil with a stern look on her face

Jillian : I've seen many like you come and go. So full of determination, so full of moxie while also being so full of shit. You waste your time insulting me, insulting Alexandra and running your mouth when you could be training and studying your opponent. You wont make it in this business if you continue down this path.

Zadkeil: Thanks for the kind words you old hag but I think its you that needs to realize that you're simply to old to hang with someone like me. I'm the wave of the future and you're a great example of the past.

Princess Alexandra is seething and close to exploding with anger

Jillian : Ha have jokes I see. Well I guess I'll have to take a different approach with you but before I do let me inform you that Princess is not Alexandra's nickname. Its her title. She is royalty and she takes her title very seriously.

Jillian suddenly gets very close to Zadkeil and begins to whisper in his ear

Jillian : Your insults don't bother me but your nieve and childish insults towards Alexandra I wont tolerate.

Jillian covertly grabs Zadkeil's hand and twists it in a very unnatural position causing him allot of pain and says normally

Jillian : Now that we have an understanding. Do you have something to say to Alexandra ? pain... slowly turns towards the still angry Princess and responds

Zadkeil: I...I'm sorry Princess. I ment no disrespect. I'm truly sorry Your Highness.

Jillian releases Zadkeil's hand and turns to him and says with a smirk on her face

Jillian : Now that wasn't so hard now was it

Zadkeil doesn't respond and walks away angrily mumbling something while Princess Alexandra turns towards Jillian with a really confused look on her face and says

Princess Alexandra : He goes from insulting you and I to suddenly apologizing ? . He must be mentally off balance.

Jillian looks down, shakes her head and laughs allittle before responding to Alexandra's nieveness

Jillian : Thats just how it works out sometimes Alex....weird huh ?

Princess Alexandra still looking abit confused responds

Princess Alexandra : I guess......

Jillian reaches for Alexandra's hand and tenderly holds it

Jillian : Lets  have a good rest of the day Alex...just you and I. Maybe theres something I can do to cheer you up after that moron's untimely interruption.

Alexandra warmly smiles and responds calmly

Princess Alexandra : ok

Jillian and Alexandra walk down the hall of the backstage area and leave the building
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Alexandra's Debut   Mon Mar 16, 2015 12:43 am

Zadkeil: *Mumbling as i walk out of the backstage area, holding my wrist*

Zadkeil: *Thinking to myself* "That old hag, she embarrassed me in front of that wanna be princess, and damn that hurt" *I march into the match keepers office*

Zadkeil: "I demand a match, for the next show with that old Jillian woman, she needs to know to make way for the future. *hearing the Manager grant my match, I head outside, towards my hotel*

Zadkeil: *gets to the hotel room, and with the phone number provided my the manager, gives Jillian and "Princess" a call.*

Jillian: "Hello, who is this"

Zadkeil: "Zadkeil, the man who you tried to disgrace with your little friend. I just left the Managers office and I have been granted an In ring match with you at this show. I received all your past records and tactics so I know all about you, you old lady. Are you ready for a beating Jillian?

Zadkeil: *Waiting for Jillian to speak*
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Alexandra's Debut   Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:01 am

Jillian responds in a rather annoyed tone

Jillian : You'll never learn will you....but if its a match you want then its a match you'll get. Now listen to me very clearly Zadkeil. When this match that YOU yourself asked for is over don't blame anyone but yourself for the pain you chose to put yourself've been warned !

Jillian hangs up the phone, looks down and shakes her head

Jillian : ....What an idiot. I almost feel sorry for him.

Princess Alexandra :Why feel sorry for him ? . Just put him down like the dog he is and be rid of him.

Jillian looks at Alexandra with a smile and strokes the side of her face softly and says

Jillian : Its not that simple Alex. Hes new and very green and seems to feed off negativity. A beating might fuel him more then correct his currently flawed judgement.

Alexandra looks at Jillian and says with some concern

Princess Alexandra : That means he could be dangerous. He could try to hurt you before the match. I don't want anything to happen to you.

Jillian hugs the worried Alexandra and says confidently

Jillian : Don't worry Alex. If he did that then he'd be committing an even bigger mistake then the one hes already made by challenging me to a match.
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Alexandra's Debut   

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Princess Alexandra's Debut
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