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 Princess Alexandra Aravani Bio

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PostSubject: Princess Alexandra Aravani Bio   Princess Alexandra Aravani Bio EmptySat Feb 28, 2015 10:18 am

Ring Name: Princess Alexandra Aravani

Real Name / Title: Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra Victoria Aravani

Hometown: ( Withheld for safety and security purposes)

Age: 22

Height: 5'3" (160 cm)

Weight: 130 LBS (58 KG)

Hair: Long raven black hair ( past the waist )

Eyes: Sepra

Measurements: All Natrual 38 C (Breasts)- 25 (Waist)- 36 (Hips)

Personality: Arrogantly Superior / Seductive - Temptress / Nieve / Personality of a virgin / Innovative / Momentary thoughtfullness

Distinguishing Features: Very lustfully shaped breasts and butt ( All Natural ) , Seductive and entrancing facial features, very toned - inshape body / light tinted multiracial skin tone and facial features.

Attire: Form fitting ring attire that showcases "certain body parts" expertly

Alignment: Neutral

Entrance Music: "ShutemDown" -  Celldweller

Story: Alexandra Aravani is the only child of King Samuel the 4th. Alexandra grew up in the lap of luxury and given everything a girl could ever imagine or desire which made her abit jadded and arrogant as she grew out of her younger teens.

Natrually gifted athleticly and very limber do to being a workout fanatic Alexandra often used her natural abilitys to enter athletic competitions whihc worried her father do to their extreme danger. Yet the more her father persisted on rejecting Alexandra's desires to participate in sports the more it fueled Alexandra's desire to tempt her fate in sports.

One day after getting into an arguement with King Samuel over a recent gymnastics event she participated in Alexandra packed her things and boarded her private jet and came to America. In an odd twist of fate as she was walking through the LAX airport in California Alexandra accidentally bumped into a very enchantingly elegant woman of whom cought the nieve and inexperienced Alexandra offguard emotionally.

Alexandra helped her up but for some reason couldn't stop looking at her. Love at first sight ? . The woman introduced herself and tried to reassure the love struck Alexandra that everything was ok. She noticed right away the look in Alexandra's eyes and offered to buy her a drink which Alexandra accepted without hesitation.

To make a long story much shorter.....a week later Alexandra joined a small wrestling fed and to the amazment of Jillian ( the older woman Alexandra bumped into ) was able to pick up everything the teacher tought her on the first day and within a month was so good that she had her first match.

Princess Alexandra was well on her way to super stardom in the world of Pro Wrestling. She had the tools, natural ability and had looks that could melt an iceberg but only time will tell if the Princess can make it in the world of Pro Wrestling or if she'll be another failed prospect with immence talent and potential. As for Jillian, the older woman ( 37 years old ) / veteran female wrestler turned trainer that Alexandra fell inlove with at first sight.....well lets just say that not all of what was tought to Princess Alexandra was in a wrestling ring ;-) . Over the short time they've known eachother Jillian and Princess Alexandra have grown very close with Jillian often acting as her wrestling manager in the ring and being very protective over the often nieve Alexandra outside of the ring.
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Princess Alexandra Aravani Bio
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