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 Jesse Grey, watch your back (1)

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PostSubject: Jesse Grey, watch your back (1)   Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:25 am

The camera zooms in at a girl in a empty parking lot, she slowly paces around before the camera blacks out for a second and that girl is in the shot as soon as the camera is on again.

Mysterious Girl: So, Jesse, you issued a challenge. I'm here to tell you that was a big mistake. Because I'm excepting it. No one knows who I am, but I'm also here to tell you I'm officially now part of IUWF. I'll be at the arena later tonight, You'd better be ready for a fight because no one will ever see a more physically talented girl in the history of wrestling!

The camera fades slightly

Mysterious Girl: If you are laughing at this right now because I'm a girl and your body in terms of muscles is much better than mine your horribly mistaken. I don't have big muscles or massive amounts of strength, What I have is the ability to wrestle, not like many "wrestlers" who are made of lard. I'm not saying that your lard, what I'm saying is that I respect you because you can wrestle, so I expect the same respect back.
I'll be at the arena later, I'd like a match. And because you issued an open challenged I'm pretty sure the match will be arranged.

Everything blacks out and the the girl says
"Watch your back Jesse, Watch your Back!"
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Jesse Grey, watch your back (1)
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