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Colt title anderson daria taunts champion
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 Blood is what I want.

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Jay Hall

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PostSubject: Blood is what I want.   Tue Mar 10, 2015 8:19 pm

-"The Devil In I" by Slipknot starts to lay over the loud speakers as Jay Hall walks out from the back.He has his half of the tag title draped over his right shoulder. Jay makes his way to the ring and climbs in. He asks for a mic and walks to the center of the ring.-

Jay Hall: Blood....
Blood is what is going to happen in this very ring tonight.
Kise Ryota, this is a warning.
I am one half of Blood and Destruction.
With Spook in my corner, we are unstoppable.
No one here can touch us.

-Jay starts to walk the ring.-

Jay Hall: Last season we said we would become tag champs.
Look at us now...
We are.
We did what no one else could.
Beat the so called tag champs.
It was all way to easy.

-Jay sops and looks at his tag title.-

Jay Hall: This is just the start for me.
I crave something else.
Something to go on my other shoulder.
The grand daddy of all titles here.
Another shiny thing to stain with others Blood.

-Jay takes his focus off his tag title and looks to the back.-

Jay Hall: I want the Grand Championship.
So who is it going to be?
Whose Blood will I bathe in?
Come to me.
Don't make me come for you.
I am waiting.

-Jay Hall leans on the ropes waiting for a response.-

OOC: Who ever it is, step on up.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood is what I want.   Wed Mar 11, 2015 6:02 am

The scene opens with Jay Hall leaning against the ropes in the ring awaiting answer to his challenge as the fans cheer rather outstandingly, reminiscent of the Seattle Seahawks home stadium. But as Jay awaits his answer, the lights go dim... barely any illumination
that was just previous. A sudden crackle of lightning is seen on the Titantron... a single bolt of lightning repeats yet again, appearing to fall from the sky and hit the top spire of the Empire State Building in New York, it ends as soon as it began with the introduction
of Links 2,3,4 by Rammstein blaring all over the arena. The fans raise their volume level to an equivilancy to that of the reception Jay Hall received as the Spookmeister appears on the Titantron... sitting in a dark room with only a candle to illuminate his face. Suddenly
a mic appears as if from nowhere and is raised to the lips of the other half of the Tag Team Champions.

Spook: "Do you all see now? Jay has spoken and no one has answered... you may ask yourselves why? But the answer is simple... no one in the IUWF can stop the irresistible force and the immovable object known as Blood and Destruction. The entire roster is running
for their lives because they fear what myself and Jay will soon become. We came here with the promise of justice through the means of blood and of destruction... whether you like our form of justice is up to you, but consider this, as long as there are injustices being committed we
will remain here."

The crowd begins to chant Spook...Spook...Spook as Jay Hall leads the charge in the ring by enticing the crowd to do so, Spookmeister continues...

Spook: "I am not trying to steal your thunder Jay, but what I came here to say couldn't wait... the IUWF is looking at the two superstars which will take over and dominate this federation through any means necessary. You have made your challenge and no one has yet to answer... but it seemed
fitting that I should do the same and make an announcement that will shatter the fiber of the being of the IUWF. By the time we are done we will control all of the gold here... I am going to start with a man known as Legend Assasin. You know who you are, you know the destruction that now awaits you.
There are two ways this is going to happen... either you give me a shot at your title, or I will come and take it from you... either way you won't be permitted to keep it. I will dispatch you as I have dispatched countless others, by showing you no mercy... show me just who the assasin truly is. Like Jay awaiting
his answer I now await mine."

The Titantron falls silent as the Spookmeister disappears from the screen and the lighting returns to normal while Jay Hall still stands in the ring waiting for his challenge to be accepted. The scene fades...
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Blood is what I want.
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