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 Message of fearing dark justice.

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PostSubject: Message of fearing dark justice.   Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:23 am

The steam rising from the bottom of a shower stall, the dim light giving it an almost smoking look. The cameraman pans around the room seeing nothing, he leaves the showers and proceeds back to the locker room area and again pans the camera around, only to find once again, nothing. A mumbled voice is heard in the direction of the showers from which he just came from... he heads back that direction as the camera begins to shake somewhat while the cameraman is obviously a little scared of the darkness which has enveloped him with the turning off of the light.
He reaches the showers only to find a single light in the corner, what appears to be a ball of electricity about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide rests near the floor in the unused shower stall which lies beyond the first shower stall with the streaming hot water which has given the area a sense of fog by now. The camera begins to shake even more as a sudden rustle is heard behind the cameraman, he spins around almost out of his shoes...

Spook: "Looking for me?"

The cameraman falls to the floor and is in dire need of a new pair of underwear after this scare... he gets to his feet and runs off as the Spookmeister picks up the camera and then turns knob on the shower to a neutral position to stop the flow of water. He then proceeds into the locker room area adjacent to the showers and places the camera on  what is believed to be a bench. The Spookmeister is then seen taking a seat on another bench across from the first with a mic in his right hand.

Spook: "The more things change, the more things stay the same. It seems that it was only a month ago that Erebos and his partner tried to defend their tag team titles against Jay and myself. What happened in that match exactly?"

Spookmeister stands for a moment and uses his left hand to grab at something the camera cannot see. He continues...

Spook: "I remember now. Erebos and his partner lost. The justice that was visited upon them was swift and true. So now the powers that be want to have an example made out of them obviously, why else would you place them back in the ring with the two most dominant forces of nature in the IUWF?"

A small light is then seen, appearing to emanate from the left hand of the Spookmeister as he once again takes a seat on the bench opposite the camera's home.

Spook: "So here we are again Erebos and Stan. Are you ready for the darkness that awaits you in my pit of justice? Are you ready for the end of your journey and the beginning of your new one? Your new journey will not be as pleasant as you think it may be, for there are always demons which circle your soul and bite at you
every chance they get. Prepare to have your souls punished and justice visited upon yet again. Your newest bid for these tag titles will be your last, once justice is done... it will be finished. Just like the two of you."

Spookmeister opens his left hand and reveals what looks like a small rounded static ball, only the light produced by this device is much more ethereal than one would suspect... a slight chuckle is then produced by the Spookmeister, which turns into a rather sadistic laugh.

Spook: "The IUWF has no idea what they have done. They brought a tortured soul like myself here and told him he should go perform in a ring. I can certainly do that, but when it comes to dark justice like the kind myself and Jay dish out, there is no ring that will hold us back. No being that can hold us back, and no force on this entire roster
that can stand in the way of the Blood and the Destruction that our dark justice will bring upon all of you. This little power struggle between the two ladies will only end one way... with the dominance of Jay Hall and the Spookmeister as the Tag Champs and as the Singles Champs. Fighting multiple matches in one night is easy... running away from
the darkness we bring is difficult at best, so my advice is simple... if you can run away, stay away or our brand of justice will find you and make you pay for your arrogance and ignorance to the world around you."

Spookmeister then closes his left hand as what can only be described as small electrical currents dance about his fingers.

Spook: "This is a message for you who struggle to gain control of the IUWF. Either you stand with us... or you stand against us, the choice is yours. Pray that you make the correct one, or Jay and myself will come and see you... and you wouldn't want that would you?"

The scene fades as the camera is apparently kicked to the floor and goes dark. Only the sound of Spookmeister laughing rather cynically is heard.
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Message of fearing dark justice.
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