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 The Acceptance

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The Legend Assasin

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PostSubject: The Acceptance   The Acceptance EmptySat Mar 21, 2015 3:10 pm

The Legend Assasin's music hits as he comes out with The Union Championship and heads towards the ring without his trademark taunts and pyros. By the look of his face he seems to be angry.

The Legend Assasin :- Last week Spook said that he's coming after me to get this.

The Legend Assasin holds his title up.

The Legend Assasin :- So not wasting any time Spook why don't you come out here and get the title. But you know what spook you will not get this title. Instead you will recieve a beating by the hands of The Legend Assasin.

The Legend Assasin waits for some time in the ring and when he is just about to leave the ring Spook's music hits as he comes out and stands on stage.

Spook :- The Legend Assasin you should be afraid that i'm coming after you but you are calling me out. That's really a bad decision.

The Legend Assasin :- Before challenging me you must have known that i am not afraid of anyone. And if you want some come get some.

Spook heads towards the ring then suddenly he is stopped by a voice from the titantron.

Gm :- Wait guys. Instead of wasting energy in a brawl. You should settle this in a match. So tonight The Legend Assasin you will defend your title against Spook in a Hell In A Cell match.

Crowd cheers by hearing this announcement as the scene fades away.
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The Acceptance
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