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 Now its my turn ( An Angered Princess )

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Now its my turn ( An Angered Princess ) Empty
PostSubject: Now its my turn ( An Angered Princess )   Now its my turn ( An Angered Princess ) EmptyTue Mar 24, 2015 12:15 am

( **These events happen moments after the ending of the Zadkeil vs Jillian Blakely match on Sunday, March 22, 2015** )

Princess Alexandra is watching a monitor backstage and witnesses a brutal post match attack by Zedkeil that sees him attack Jillian while shes celebrating and hits her in the back of the knee with a bat and continues the assault until hes forcefully ushered from the ring. Completely enraged by what happened, Princess Alexandra goes to confront whom she feels is responsible for Jillian getting hurt

( Princess Alexandra enters Fred Barnes Office )

Fred Barnes : I know why you're here and I'm sorry but theres nothing I can do.

( Princess Alexandra stares directly at Fred Barnes with a look of extreme anger on her face and responds in a rather calm tone )

Princess Alexandra : I'm giving you less then a minute to change your answer

( Fred Barnes responds quickly )

Fred Barnes : ...or what? . You'll get angry?. Let me make something very clear to you Princess. This is not your country...this is not your kingdom. You don't rule here and can't make demands of ANYONE !. What happened to Jillian was something I couldn't stop. If I could've I would

( Princess Alexandra continues to stare at Fred Barnes in anger  )

Fred Barnes : I've known her father for over 30 years and I've known Jillian for longer then you've been alive

( Fred Barnes pauses for a moment and looks down and lets out a sigh before continuing )

Fred Barnes : I was told to put her in that match...I had no choice. It killed me to do it. It killed me inside.....but I had no choice. Now Jillian is on her way to the hospital and you're in here confronting me about something I can't do a damn thing about.

Princess Alexandra : Is that so?

Fred Barnes : Yes Princess thats get the hell out of my office.

( Fred Barnes motions to Hayley Gates to escort Princess Alexandra out of his office )

( Princess Alexandra gets up calmly and allows Hayley Gates to escort her to the door...but Princess Alexandra stops suddenly right before she gets to the door and says to Fred Barnes in a cocky voice  )

Princess Alexandra : Your minute is up Mr. Barnes

( Princess Alexandra grabs Haley and drives her into the wall near the door. Smashing her face into a picture frame. Haley crumbles to the floor in a heap and her face begins to bleed slightly. Fred Barnes quickly stands up from behind his desk )

( Princess Alexandra turns around, looks at Fred Barnes and confidently says )

Princess Alexandra : I hold you personally responsible for what happened to Jillian and it will be you that I come to if Jillian can't recover from this. I'm giving you less then a week to contact the cowards that give you the order to hurt her and inform them that I want Zedkeil. If they refuse....then I'll bury your assistant and the next person I'll come for is you and there will be NO ONE in the world that will stop me

( Princess Alexandra leaves the office and Fred Barnes quickly attends to his injured assistant )
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Now its my turn ( An Angered Princess )
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