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    PostSubject: Revelations   Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:17 am

    A television screen is the only visible light in a darkened room. Laid upon the screen is a man sitting in a corner rocking back and forth with his head in his hands as though he is tormented by something unknown. A young woman then appears and lays a careful and
    steady hand upon the young mans head. He stops rocking and looks up at the dark cloaked woman, tears in his eyes as she then grabs his hands and helps pull him to an upright position. Enough of the womans face is visible to see that she smiles at him, briefly she places her left
    hand on his cheek and says something inaudible as she then leads him away from the corner and out of the camera's view.

    Darkani: "Do you remember this Spook? Do you remember where I found you? Do you remember how lost you were?"

    Darkani asks these questions as a purple light is summoned from the right side of the room, illuminating it further with an eerie glow. Darkani with her long black hooded cloak is seen smiling at the spectacle as Spookmeister comes into view and stares rather intently at the ravishing young woman who has come back into his life. Spook takes a couple more steps and kneels down in front of her as she, like the video, places her hand upon his head.

    Spook: "I remember everything Lady Darkani, everything that you taught me. I remember the focus you gave me in my life, the spark that provided my revelation of seeking justice no matter how demented or no matter how dark. You told me that justice must be done to all those who seek to destroy the fabric of our very being. The darkness shall bring justice to all, for the balance should remain. All that is evil isn't as it seems you told me. Evil isn't truly evil, it is simply a manifestation of vengeance and anger that should be revisited again and again to ensure the supposed good creatures understand that they are not the only righteous power in the universe."

    Darkani relieves her hand from the head of the Spookmeister and places it back into her dark cloak for just a moment before raising both hands and lowering the black hood that covers her beautiful black hair. By doing do so giving it an aura much like she is
    within the reach of a black light. Her tattooed arms reach towards the Spookmeister as her hands rest on his shoulders and bring him up from a kneeling position into a standing one.

    Darkani: "There, there... tell this Legend Assasin what truly awaits him, and tell the IUWF what really happens to all those who stand in your path. You are the Dark Warrior, tell them all what will be wrought upon them."

    Darkani then removes her hands from the shoulders of the Spookmeister as she walks out of view of the camera, leaving Spookmeister to soak up all the remaining light in the room.

    Spook: "Do you feel it? I feel it. A change is coming, now that Darkani Vengeance is here I can proceed upon my path of annihilation. Those who deem themselves worthy of stepping into the ring with someone like me are going to learn very quickly that I am not an ordinary man. I will give you all the illusion of coming victory just to strip it away from you at the moment I see fit. False sense of hope in a match against the Dark Warrior. Some of you may say that perhaps it is cruel to give hope, but in fact hope is an existential part of life. It is mankind's greatest strength and weakness... the time has come for me to unleash the true potential of my power. The dark arts did not come easy to me, but once I mastered them, the truth of vengeance and justice became very clear."

    Spookmeister then abruptly walks to a corner and takes a seat, beginning to rock as he did in the video earlier as they lights go out completely making the room a dark abyss.

    Spook: "Legend Assasin, you are about as relevant to me as everyone else on this roster. You think this is about your title? You think this is about getting you to fear me? I could care less if you fear me, this isn't about fear. This is about you who have been chosen for your injustice laid upon others and the vengeance
    that preceeds it. You say you do not fear me... I am happy to hear that you have no fear of me. That will make your downfall so much more sweet to witness. Ask yourself this Legend, what does one do when they can't find their way out of the dark? You think I am some obvious terror, some man that you can defeat... for I am like an idea. You cannot defeat an idea. The dark justice and vengeance which follows me is inevitable... no one can withstand it and those who try will be crushed in their own self pity. I don't want your title because you are a warrior in the ring... the dark forces want me to claim your title so that you may be punished by living with the shame of not possessing what you hold most dear. Fear me if you wish, but I prefer you didn't. True power is making those who oppose you realize that they were wrong in opposing you to begin with... you will understand once I crush you. The pit of darkness awaits you Legend, ask yourself if you are ready for the disappointment
    which will be brought upon you?"

    Spookmeister stops rocking as he did in the video, but doesn't stand up this time... he merely raises himself to one knee as though kneeling again. The glow of purple light from his left hand, obviously his lightning trick. He is seen with a crooked smile as he finally stands up and walks over to the camera so that his face can be fully seen by the illumination of the purple light from his hand.

    Spook: "Fred Barnes, you really think I give a damn about ratings? You are like everyone else here... too blind to see what is really in front of you. One day you will be visited as well, you will see what dark justice is truly like... the power it holds and the power it wields. I am not here to make friends, I am here to dominate. My spiritual guidance provided by Lady Darkani Vengeance. Once I was signed with the IUWF, this company started its own annihilation. So be very careful Fred Barnes, for you are on my list... don't make me bring you to the top of it. Cherish the time you have left, for it won't be as long as you think. To me time is ethereal, so watch your back IUWF... yours is almost up."

    Spookmeister then steps backwards and the light from his hand disappears as the room goes black once again and nothing is visible. His voice is then heard one last time...

    Spook: "I am constant as the northern star."

    The scene fades...
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