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PostSubject: THIS PLACE JUST GOT SCARY (for Abigail)   Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:14 am

The nights events are interrupted when the COO Video and theme hits threw the P.A. the boos ring out in the arena as she makes her way out in a dark suit and her hair is tied up in a bun on the top of her head, She is accompanied by Asgard and Takeo who walk down the ramp behind her.

Xavier Lawson:" Well things are going to get very real around hear as our beautyfull Coo makes her way down. As we seen, from the start of the sesson the poor wommon has been Haunted if you will by something but is it a prank or is it someone back stage working black magic?

Richard shakes his head as he fixes some papers

Richard Potter:" Oh god only knows,course know one else has seen it bar Brittany and well she jumps at everything,will it be made clear tonight?"

Abigail Howard is now at ringside and gets inside the ring as One of her disciples lifts the rope for her to get inside.

Abigail Howard's:" OK..OK SILENCE PLEACE..I have something to say.."

The boos get louder for a few moments before the fans settle down. Abigail places the mic to her mouth

Abigail Howard:" I do not Know what one of you morons back stage belonging to the Darlia Wilde fan group are behind these silly games that has been going on for the last few weeks however I tend to get to the bottom of this..Now i understand there are people out there that are upset over what happened before we had our break last season but that is the past and the show must go on!

The fans break out in a loud uproar again as they some now stand on there feet.The camera pans around showing a very angry fan base, now throwing Popcorn,and paper down towards the ring as the arena security try to settle the people down the camera pans back to the ring to Abigail who said something to her disciples before placing the Mic to her mouth.

Abigail Howard:" People please..have some decorum, Look the fact of the matter is..I run this Show.I am the back bone of the business and I know what is BEST FOR BUSINESS but what i want is the person responsible for these come face me..RIGHT NOW!! because.."

Before she can finish there is a sudden Roar of lightning and thunder around the arena as the arena goes black.The lights flicker and go out as only the lighting Lights up the arena.

Richard Potter:" What i the name of,..what's this who is messing with the truck outside?

Xavier Lawson:" Oh man, I don't think that is someone messing with the truck partner? Look at the tiron screen oh man..who's the heck is this!?

The theme of Graveyard Symphony Blasts threw the arena as a tall dark figure begins to make his way out from backstage as fog fills the arena.The fans all wounder who this new star is as the lights now come up in dark red and blue showing the dark figure walking down the ramp in all black,sort of a steel outfit and black leather mask.The dark Hair flows down the sides of the mask over the shoulder as he slowly makes his way up and stops just a few meters of the ramp.

The camera moves back to the ring where Abigail,holds on to Asgard's arm shocked and wondering who this new wrestler is. the man now moves more forward before Raising his right hand that holds a Mic as the music stops to a dead silence around the arena.

aAbigail Howard:" Who are you..I never brought you to the roster!"

The stranger begins to speak, the voice is like darkvader and mysterious

???:" SILENCE YOU DAME INFADEL!.I am the darkness..I am the power of what lives behind the grave.
Everyone lives a second life.
The first one is here on the earth.
Each different, but full of strife.
Thrown at us, beginning at birth...

A land of beauty bathed in light.
The breeding grounds to procreate.
The other cursed, eternal night.
Is full of nightmares seething Hate...

Grim Reaper or Bringer of Death.
Granting us life and death the same.
All revealed on your final breath.
The endless cycle to this game...

Some see angels taking their hand.
Or a land of fire as their fate.
Door that leads to the promise land.
Or God outside the pearly gate...

This illusion is in your mind.
The only part that did not die.
Everything else was left behind.
Land of false prophets, preaching lies...

To some this is a living hell.
They never accept the puppet strings.
Mentally locked in a coma shell.
While others adapt and live like kings...My name Is The After Life!."

The lights gain flicker as Abigail, gives the order to Asgard to go attack the strange freak. The big strong wrester leaves the ring and runs towards After life who raises a foot and kicks the jaw of Asgard who stumbles back for a moment.AFTERLIFE grabs around his opponent's midsection and lifts so that Asgard is held upside down
and drops to a sitting position with his head falling between After life's legs down to the mat, connecting with a strong Spike Piledriver. The fans all give a might roar as the body of Abigail's body guard falls and slumps to the ground. The camera moves back as Abigail and the arena are shocked as the camera moves back and goes to commercials.
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