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 I'm Ready For The Fight

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The Legend Assasin

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PostSubject: I'm Ready For The Fight   I'm Ready For The Fight EmptyThu Apr 02, 2015 2:59 am

The Legend Assasin's music starts to play as he appears on the stage and crowd goes nuts as he walks down the ramp to the ring.

Announcer:- All IUWF fans please welcome to the ring... The International Union Champion The Legend Assasin!!!.

The Legend Assasin asks for the mic from the timekeeper's area and they hand him one. The Legend Assasin waits for the crowd to be silent.

The Legend Assasin:- For the past few days i've been asked, are you worried about the upcoming PPV title match?. And so far my answer to them was, no! I am not worried one bit about it because, I know that i'm the one that's going to win and still remain the champion. Of course Spook is a great superstar. But, he could never beat me the Daredevil!!, the Ultimate Extremist, the Enique Enigma that is The Legend Assasin!!!. So at PPV all you fans out there will here my name being announced as the winner and Spook can't stop me. Oh! and Spook, it will be my hand raised at the end of the match.

The Legend Assasin:- I won't stop at PPV. I want to go all the way to becoming the next great champion.

The Fans go crazy for The Legend Assasin chanting his name.

The Legend Assasin:- Spook, if you want my title you better be ready and if you want some come get some next sunday at the PPV.

The Legend Assasin drops the mic and heads to the back.

Richard Potter:- Wow after that the arena just exploded! and Hardy is really sure of himself. Well folks will see how this goes down as we countdown to Heatwave will Hardy win? or will another superstar win?. Only time will tell. Man, I can't wait!
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PostSubject: Foretelling...   I'm Ready For The Fight EmptyThu Apr 02, 2015 4:58 am

No sooner than Richard Potter leaks the final words from his mouth following the Legend Assasin promo, the entire arena goes dark as Assasin is about halfway up the ramp headed towards the back. The fans begin with an enormous amount of applause when the Titantron illuminates the
whole arena with an eerie purple/white glow with the signature lightning bolt striking what appears to be the Empire State Building in New York City. A moment passes as the fans then change their tone from cheering to chanting... SPOOK...SPOOK...SPOOK, So loud that Seattle would be proud.
Yet another few moments pass as Assasin stands on the ramp and awaits what comes next. Suddenly the lightning bolt scene, after a few repeats, fades to total darkness once again within the arena... House of 1000 Corpses begins to blare all over the arena as a woman appears on the Titantron,
the familiar figure of Darkani Vengeance, this time with the hood of her cloak already down... long black hair grabbing the attention of the fans as it appears as a purple color due to some unseen force in the room behind her. The music suddenly stops as Darkani prepares to speak...

I'm Ready For The Fight Michellexstar_photography--makani_terror--tattoo_0251347990980

Darkani: "That which is now, was, and ever shall be... I present to you... the dark avenger, Spookmeister."

Darkani removes herself from the frame as she steps backwards, apparently disappearing in the dark, meanwhile the Spookmeister becomes visible with the fans throughout the arena beginning their SPOOK chant yet again. Spookmeister raises his hand within view of the camera and the fans chants slowly whittle to nothing.

Spook: "The foreboding darkness should concern you Assasin. The light that you see now will be nothing once the bell is rung and our match begins, for there will be no escape for the light which you carry within you. Haven't you ever studied my friend? A black hole devours all light, although I am not a black hole... I am very much like one. Vengeance, even dark vengeance requires a vessel... just who do you think that is? It is certainly not any of these fools on the roster. Vengeance is a force of nature, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction a once great man stated... do you believe he was wrong? Vengeance is something that
not a single being can stop... in a short time you will find this out. You may speak as though you aren't afraid, but then again what man would acknowledge his fears, as he would appear weak and decrepit in the perception of his foes."

Spookmeister pauses for just a moment as he raises his left hand in view of the camera, the purple light emanating from within as he continues...

Spook: "I heard you speak obviously, you seem to expect a fight. Haven't you learned yet my friend, I don't fight... I destroy. I take no prisoners, a fight suggests that you think you will walk away once it is completed, you are such a fool to think I am going to fight you... for I will not fight you, I will annihilate you and suck the very
light from your being. For I am never ending... and at Heatwave. I will prove yet again that dark vengeance conquers all."

The Spookmeister then pulls away from the camera and disappears much as Darkani did earlier, the only visible light is the purple illumination from his hand which then too suddenly disappears as a single bolt of lightning strikes from out of nowhere and hits the middle of the ring. The scene fades...
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I'm Ready For The Fight
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