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 Abigails Haunting, Part 2

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Abigails Haunting, Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Abigails Haunting, Part 2   Abigails Haunting, Part 2 EmptySat Apr 04, 2015 4:50 pm

The camera moves two the underground car park arena where some Black and white limos are parked along with some other cars. Coming in the driveway a dark Yellow Limo arrives and parks just short of our camera man.The driver gets ot wearing a dark black suit and walks to the back door letting out our coo Abigail who gets out wearing a long dark blue shawl, dark Brown pants and black shoes. She does not look happy as she gets out of the limo and looks around almost nervous as the driver nods and gets back in the limo. She goes to make her way towards the entrance of the arena the lights suddenly again to flutter and three lights blow making her jump and look around in fear. affraid She looks around and starts to walk faster now till one of the cars that she goes to walk past suddenly goes up on fire. She stumbles sideways and covers her mouth as she nearly falls looking around in shock and rumbles threw her bag looking for her phone as a almost dark, hunted, terror scream in heard coming from somewhere, echoing around the car park as footsteps are now heard coming from the far side of the car park and seems to move faster. The camera pans around as more lights now start to blow in a line and heading in her direction.


She drops her phone as it hits the floor as a Big Roar arrives in her direction as security run out from the exit, only to receive two flying fire extinguishers to the temples Knocking them out cold. Abigail now who's face is covered in tears as the camera moves around her looking around and standing right in front of Abigail who is now stuck stiff as a deep dark growl is heard. The camera is now very close to her face,her eyes red,noise with buggers coming down as a tall dark figure is hovering up behind her..As she turns her head slowly a Loud scream is heard before the camera goes black.
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Abigails Haunting, Part 2
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