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title anderson Colt taunts daria champion
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 Two hungry dogs

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PostSubject: Two hungry dogs   Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:25 am

A slim figure makes its way towards a back door near a loading dock of the arena, this figure is dressed in black and has a plethora of tattooes to speak of. The figure has a mic in its hand, the camera man zooms in a little closer in order to make out who or what
this figure may be... as he does it becomes quite clear that the figure is a woman. Her black hair sailing with the night wind as she continues her approach underneath the parking lot lamps. The camera man moves to a different vantage point and refocuses the camera on its
target... surprisingly the woman is none other than Darkani Vengeance, normally with her cloak showering her body... this time she seems different, perhaps more confident, or perhaps more assured. Darkani makes her way past the camera man, who stares in delight at the curves
that she possesses, she says nothing to anyone as she continues her walk... the camera man follows her as she approaches a door in the locker room area. The door reads, SPOOKMEISTER... Darkani knocks once and then turns to face the camera man who has been stalking her, at an
instant the camera cuts off as though it has had some sort of electrical interference. The scene obviously fades...

The fans inside the arena, watching the events unfold on the Titantron are both amazed and shocked by the almost supernatural ability that this woman possesses... much like the same abilities of the Spookmeister. With a sudden BOOM... BOOM... BOOM, the arena goes almost dark,
only a purple glow is noticed being focused upon the ring. As the darkness has the crowd almost dead silent, House of 1000 Corpses by Zombie Girl begins to blare at every corner of the arena... the Titantron begins to show images of scantily clad somewhat evil looking Darkani Vengeance.
She brings herself from behind the Titantron and begins to walk down the ramp towards the ring as the purple light shifts to envelope her as she walks rather hastily to the ring. As she reaches the steps and begins to climb them and enter the ring the images on the Titantron cease to be produced.
She now stands in the center of the ring as her music also fades and the arena goes silent.

Darkani: "Now for those who have come to see true power, I present to you that which was, is, and always will be... the Spookmeister!"

Upon Darkani finishing her words, Links 2,3,4 by Rammstein begins to fill the arena's airwaves as a single bolt of lightning is seen striking the ground in an image on the Titantron... from behind the large screen the Spookmeister appears and begins his trek to the ring. He sports his normal black trench coat with a pair of metal spikes on either shoulder. As he approaches the ring the fans go crazy and begin the chant that has made him such a phenominal star, SPOOK...SPOOK...SPOOK. The dark avenger climbs the steps and enters the ring as his music and the scenes from the Titantron fade and the arena is once again in darkness with the exception of the dim purple light which fills the ring and illuminates Spookmeister and his beautiful dark angel. Darkani smiles at him briefly and then hands him the mic... Spookmeister raises the mic to his black painted lips and begins to speak.

Spook: "On my way here today, I saw a pair of dogs... these two rottweiler's were fighting over a piece of meat that had been laid before them. It was obvious that one was an older dog and the other was a younger one. For several moments the older dog controlled the direction of that battle and it seemed that
he would win and take the piece of meat for himself. But the longer the fight took, the more tired the older more veteran animal proceeded to be, until at a point near the end of this contest the younger dog came back and lunged at the older, wiser dog. The lunge was enough to knock the older dog on his back, the older
animal then scampered away and didn't receive the meal he had fought so hard for... the younger dog grabbed the meal and ate it. You see, the younger dog waited patiently for the time to strike... allowing the older dog to wear himself out, so that when he finally let loose the older dog had no choice but to abandon the
meal. I give you all this quaint little story because this is exactly what will happen to the Legend Assasin. You see, he is the older dog and I am the younger one. I will bide my time and await the mistake known as over confidence to take hold of him, once it does I will pummel the Assasin into the ground until there is nothing left but a grease spot on the mat... he will look up and hear my music playing as I hold his precious title in my own hands and raise it above my head in victory. If he is lucky I may not call on my partner Jay Hall to bring down a shovel to scoop his broken body up and take him to the dark place. However, Jay does like to make the
ring run red with blood, but that is for another time. Legend Assasin, you know your time is nearing its end... the dark vengeance that awaits you is like nothing you have ever witnessed before, you think I am some man that can be defeated... I ceased being a man a very long time ago. You will learn this the hard way, I assure you."

Spookmeister stops speaking as the fans cheer for several moments while he raises his arms towards the sky and basks in the glory the IUWF fans provide him. Darkani is seen in the background with a rather sinister smile on her face, while the Spookmeister lowers his arms and raises the mic back to his darkened lips.

Spook: "You say you aren't afraid of me. I say that you are, you just don't know it yet. As I said, I am no regular man... I am the beginning and the end. I am the one who brings order from chaos, I am the one who breeds enchantment within my fists. For I am the dark avenger, the lighting bolt of the end. You will fear me Legend Assasin, not at first,
but as the match progresses I will strike you with that lightning bolt and you will feel the thunder as it runs through your body, taking you to the ground. Keep in my mind, you are the old dog... I will outlast you my friend. The dark justice that will be wrought upon you will be swift, but not painless as others have had the luxury of. You will suffer, you will suffer a horrible fate... one which not a single man could endure. If by some chance I should see you again after I smash you into rubble, you will keep your distance because you will know... you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Remember this Legend Assasin... I am constant as the northern star!"

The lights completely fade and darkness envelopes the arena while Links 2,3,4 plays yet again and two streaks of lightning come down from the heavens and strike both spikes on either shoulder of the Spookmeister as Darkani looks on. The sound of thunder is then heard and the music abruptly stops... the lights return to normal illumination and the dark couple
are nowhere to be seen.
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Two hungry dogs
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