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champion title anderson daria taunts Colt
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 STOP PLEASE STOP (attack on abigail,p1))

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STOP PLEASE STOP (attack on abigail,p1)) Empty
PostSubject: STOP PLEASE STOP (attack on abigail,p1))   STOP PLEASE STOP (attack on abigail,p1)) EmptyFri Apr 10, 2015 9:51 pm

The nights events are still been sorted out in the arena and the workers and alot of the crew are still setting up around the area for the PPV. Abigail has hired 6 body guards who sit in the backstage VIP area where she is going threw notes. There are PPV posters and some photos on the walls as the camera moves around the room. Suddenly 2 photos are flung from the walls onto the floor as the sound of the glass braking can be heard. Suddenly the body guards stand up, puling out tazers from there inside pockets as they were black suits, Abigail stands and moves to the corner as three of the guards move over and stand in front of her. The other two guards move around looking around the room when a Light seems to Lift of a shelf and strick one of the guards on the head knocking him out cold. A large Heavy book self then seems to shake of on the wall as the other guard looks over as the shelf moves very quickly and lands down on the guard,knocking him out two. The other three guards are in shock looking around not knowing what is going on as Abigail shakes and starts to have tears come down her face. The lights start to flutter as the light bulbs blow over Abigail head. The lights go of as Abigail lets out a little scream. Some banging and can be heard in the room and the sounds of teaser shots been fired. A loud clang is heard as the lights come back on. The other three body guards are now sprawled over the floor. Abigail's face is now ruined in make up has run with the tears. The camera man has now moved to the far side of the room shaking as he points over to a tall dark figure standing in front of Abigail, Wearing a leather tipe outfit,with metal sheeting around the shoulder,ides,arms and on the helmet. The camera manages two move around to the side showing it to be after life as Abigail falls to her knee, her hands up in from of her as she cry's.

STOP PLEASE STOP (attack on abigail,p1)) 3248017

Abigail Howard:" Oh no..Not not hurt me..please please please!!! what do you WANT!""

The figure laughs as he Tilts his head. He moves back as he raises his hands and looks up as the lights flutter again then flash of, leaving the room dark again. after a few moments when they come on Abigail is on her knees,her face in her hands but Afterlife has gone as the camera fades,
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STOP PLEASE STOP (attack on abigail,p1))
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