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 STOP PLEASE STOP (attack on abigail,p2))

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PostSubject: STOP PLEASE STOP (attack on abigail,p2))   Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:12 pm

Abigail is spotted running down the hall, still covered in messy make up as she keeps looking behind her. As she runs the lights flutter as she looks around in panic. smog,fog and smoke seem to start to fill the hallway as she looks around,seeing it so empty when people should be hanging around for the show. she try's opening door along the hallway with no joy. The same evil laugh can be heard along the hallways in the distance as she stumbles and falls to the floor, scrambling to her feet, she gets up and heads left down a set of stars as a loud banging noise is heard and Abigail looks back tripping and falling into a dark brown door that fly's open making the coo fall backwards with a scream as she seems to fall down a set of stairs. A dark figure approaches again as she moves beside the camera. He holds something long and slender in his right hand as he looks down the stairs and moves down the steps as the camera moves down the steps..The room is dark, the sounds of Abigail's screams can be heard down a dark hall were. the camera man turns on his camera light. showing some chairs,folded up in stacks. Afterlife moves around the room,looking around the room looking for Abigail.

AFTERLIFE:"You are going to pay for what you done TO ALEX RILEY ABIGAIL! WHAT you are doing to this company..To your champion..and to Daria Wild!"

Afterlife bangs the long slim stick of the chairs, making a loud eco bang, around the room. The camera looks around now seeing some tables, chairs, barrels, and boxes spotting someone running up ahead.

Abigail Howard " What are you talking about! I run this to be best i can for business..I do my job! Its my fathers company! Its a wrestling company..LEAVE ME ALONE!!"

Afterlife starts smacking the chairs harder now as some stacks of chairs falls onto the floors.

Afterlife:" Hey i do not care what you have to say..I will expose you for the (Cencered) that you are..I will make sure you Pay for your sins!!"

Abigail Howard:" How dare YOU TALK to me like this you infidel! You touch me and i will a
have you fired!"

The sound of sick laughter is heard as the camera stops as afterlife moves on as the camera fades.
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STOP PLEASE STOP (attack on abigail,p2))
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