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Colt taunts champion daria anderson title
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 The reckoning... part one.

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PostSubject: The reckoning... part one.   Thu May 07, 2015 7:53 am

An eerie darkness fills every crevase of the locker room which lay before us. Almost with a suddenness, a purple light flickers in the corner of the room, appearing as static discharge from something obviously not quite seen as there isn't enough light to give even an educated guess. The camera pans around from that corner and into another corner as the lights in the room turn up just enough to illuminate the occupants. Darkani Vengeance stands in one corner, and in the other corner is the Spookmeister. Both then begin to walk towards the camera, until both finally meet in the middle of the room standing side by side and staring into the camera.

Darkani: "Do you remember what I told you Spook? Do you remember the tough choices that I said would lay before you? Do you even think that Jesse and Ray know what lies before them? I think not, I think they have no clue exactly what they are up against. It is difficult at best to understand the power of the dark, let alone the power of revenge... enlighten them my apprentice."

Darkani stops speaking and looks to Spookmeister who the camera now seems to focus on.

Spook: "Jesse Grey... do you know what you have done? Do you know what my power is? Do you believe you have a chance against the dark powers? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are a fool. No one can stand in my way, no one can defeat the darkness which overcomes
the light so easily. The most powerful force in the universe is a black hole, I am one who can be summed up in this way. Nothing can escape my whims, nothing can escape the darkness once it has decided to befall upon them. Most people ask me if I really do have a list of people to hunt down
and seek the vengeance they deserve... the short answer is yes. There is always a list, there is always omeone to destroy, there is always someone who deserves revenge to be visited upon them. Some people believe that others are innocent from wrong doing... that is a misconception my friends, no one is ever innocent. Even a child is not innocent, as they too are subject to what their parents have done in their lives to create this pinnacle of fear and revenge that will one day see them as well. So Jesse, when I walk down that ramp tonight with Jay... I am going to crush you like the cockroach that you are. Your wrong doing will be brought to the justice of the darkness and your judgement has already been handed down... vengeance will see you soon enough my friend."

Outside, a clock tower is heard, striking as it is apparently the top of the hour.

Spook: "Do you hear that Jesse and Ray? Do you the sound of time? Do you hear the sound on inevitability? You should learn to listen my friends... because your time is close to being up. The last thing you will both hear will be the sound of your bones breaking and your life essence being given to me as I enact the justice of venegance upon you."

Meanwhile... outside the locker room, Jay Hall paces back and forth, almost as if he is impatiently awaiting something... he is muttering to himself.

Jay: "Why does he show off so much? I would like to get my promo time done tonight sometime, but he takes all the oxygen out of the room... him and that woman of his. We don't need her... wait, I don't need her... maybe he does."

Jay stops pacing and looks into the sky as though a thought just entered his brain.

Jay: "Nevermind them... I will get the gold I want, one way or another."

The scene quickly fades...
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The reckoning... part one.
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