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 Trigga - and introduction is in order: PROMO

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PostSubject: Trigga - and introduction is in order: PROMO   Sat May 16, 2015 7:45 am

The camera pans to a dimly lit room. The room looks aged and there are bullets scattered across the floor. Visible cracks are spread across the walls and the floor. A dark silhouette can be seen moving closer to the camera which is where the main light is focused. Trigga steps into view and looks into the camera.

After last week, I believe an introduction is in order.

He creeps into a smirk of a smile before he speaks again

My name is Trigga. You don't know me yet... but you will. The reason I know you'll get to know me is because you are looking at your future International Union Champion. Your new International Grand Champion, International Tag Team champion, and certainly not least, Your International World Champion!!!

He pauses as the crowd looks on is astonishment. A few of Trigga's fan that carried over cheer but the crowd is for the most part silent.

I want everyone to understand that I will do anything to get what I want. Whether it's money, the spotlight, or the title itself; They will indubitably come to me. Bet On It!

He lifts his arm and make a gun gesture toward the camera. He closes his thumbs (pulls the trigger) and says bang as the camera  fades to black
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Trigga - and introduction is in order: PROMO
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