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 Jesse Grey with some banter.

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PostSubject: Jesse Grey with some banter.   Sat May 16, 2015 12:10 pm

As Jesse Grey's intro starts, he comes out, wearing his usual hoodie. He grabs a microphone from it's pocket, and starts talking while slowly walking down to the ring.

"Well here I am. Ready for my next beatdo-"

He quickly stops.

"Oh wait, match. Sure, Ms. Howard might be putting me up against opponents proven to be more powerful than me, all out of spite. Yes, she is antagonizing the entire locker room with her actions towards all of us. But she's also paying me, so I guess I'm not allowed to badmouth her....
Whadd'ya say everybody, is that right? Or do you all think she's not doing good for this company either?"

By now he has reached the ring, walks up the steps, and then continues talking.

"So, Boss.
Send whoever's gonna give the doctors more work down here.
I'm ready."

Jesse drops the mic, gets into the ring, removes his hoodie, and stares towards the entrance area.
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Jesse Grey with some banter.
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