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 This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)

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PostSubject: This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)   Wed May 20, 2015 1:08 am

The lights in the arena chance as Abigail Howard's theme hits to echo's of boos coming from the fans. The tron lights with different colours as she comes out with a dark grey suit and Indian headgear.  She comes out and holds out her hands as she makes her way out a few steps as she is then joined by her to men Asgard and Takeo. Two giant men, but who where arm bandages over one arm each and  follow close behind her looking mean and look around the fans. She now starts to make her way down to the ring, blowing a kiss to a few fans each side as she smirks. Getting to the ring there's a red carpet over the steel steps. she climbs up and Takeo goes ahead grabbing the middle rope pulling it up to let her in under.

The fans go wild booing her as only a few people cheer her the far side of the room,she is handed a Mic as she  taps on it. The two big men stand each side of her, folding there arms and look around intently.

Abigail Howard:" Oh now people, PEOPLE you know how much you really actually love me so why Boo me!

The fans start to boo loudly again as the camera pans around showing some agree fans, smiling fans and others not even listening.

Abigail Howard:" Now please settle down you stupid Idiots! I'am talking now.. Now last weeks show went so well, there was no little hiccups, no idiots coming out here making stupid demands and i got the show that I wanted. And do you want to know why that it went so well.. BECAUSE I had that Lunatic masked  Infidel LOCKED AWAY! I of course am talking about the so called 'AfterLife!'

The fans Boo Abigail again making her stop and rolled her eyes as she looks back at her two men and then back to the fans.

Abigail Howard:" However it has seemed now other people need two be put in place, Like of course the s called spook. Mr spook i heard what you have been going around saying and well i think really if think you can over throw My kingdom, you have to really think again little man!

The fans now chant for spook and go wild chanting IUWF, IWUF, IWUF!,

Abigail Howard:" So YOU SEE I HAVE A VISION FOR THIS PLACE AND IT DOES NOT involve Mr afterlife, or some of the management around here..Like  FRESH START,.. So with Afterlife been locked away and the key thrown out I now shall..."

Before she can finish Afterlife's theme hits as the lights go down low. The fans go wild looking aroundas fog fills the ramp.

Richard Potter:" Ahh she said he was locked up!! she said he would not be here tonight what the hell is this!"

Xavier Lawson:" Haha! oh there's going to be trouble now..He IS here Richard and what the hell will happen now.."

The theme of Graveyard Symphony Blasts threw the arena as a tall dark figure begins to make his way out from backstage as fog fills the arena.The fans know who this star is as the lights now come up in dark red and blue showing the dark figure walking down the ramp in all black,sort of a steel outfit and black leather mask.The dark Hair flows down the sides of the mask over the shoulder as he slowly makes his way up and stops just a few meters of the ramp. He holds out his arms as sparks fly around him before making his way down. The camera shows a shocked and scared Abigail who's two guys now stand in front of her ready for action.

Richard Potter:" The last time this happened Abigail was nearly put threw a table, the poor girl was on a cross a encrustation, HOW SICK, Only for her two monster goon's she was dead!

Xavier Lawson:" Are you kidding me, Remember they beat the guy after he Hit the smack down on them and afterlife then had to be saved by our champion! This is getting really interesting!"

Afterlife gets into the ring and looks at the two men he holds out his arms and one hand holding a Mic and tilts his head from side to side before moving the mic to his mask.

AFTERLIFE:"You really think having me locked away was the right thing to do don't you, you think it solved al your problems..but what could they do..they had to let me after they saw who I was, and what I had been threw. However tonight.. your terrier ends Abigail Tonight the hand of the dead takes your soul and breaks you in half like I tried to do already!

Abigail gasps as Afterlife grabs Takeo and kicks him in the gut twice before throwing him out of the ring, then Asgard Hits Afterlife across the face the face with a punch, then loads the leg
hitting him with a light Middle Kick,. Afterlife grabs the leg when Asgard tries a third time, twisting it and dragging him over to the ropes, Asgard goes to hit Afterlife with his right arm but afterlife strikes the monster in the back twice then throws him out of the ring.  The fans go wild again seeing this as Abigail goes to get out of the ring, Afterlife runs over grabbing her by the headgear and hair and pulling her back with horrified screams coming from Abigail. Afterlife Turns her to face him and looks in her eyes deeply as she starts to shake her head.

Richard Potter:" NO NO NO someone stop him now quick,, quick! He is going to kill HER!"

Xavier Lawson:" He is going to get his revenge this IS GREAT! GO GET HER YOU FREAK!

Afterlife Lifts her up and turning her over hits a Strong Back body slam onto the mat With a terrible thud as the fans now get very loud and wild. Asgard trys getting back in and as he does AFTERLIFE puts his opponent's head in his armpit, and surrounds it with his arm
then leaps down onto his back, swinging his legs forward, bending Asgard, and driving him down to the mat face first, performing a Fantastic Snap DDT. Asgard hits the matt and rolls out again before afterlife grabs Abigail again and drags her to the ropes. Standing her back up he throws her out of the ring over the top rope. Looking around her climbs out and heads to the announce  grabbing the cover ripping it of.

The two guys stand up in a hurry and move back and to the sides, as the monitors are ripped off.



Suddenly the Main screen comes on and the CEO comes up on the screen as he was not here tonight..It shows him in his fancy office as he stands up in front of his desk with a dark Blue 3 peace suit on.


Afterlife looks up, eyes wide and glassy as he snarls under his mask..still holding on to a terrified Abigail who is in tears..He looks down at her and then back to the Big screen and tilts his head before lifting her up over his head as if to plummet her into the table.

George Howard:" STOP..for the love of god Afterlife, Il will personally fire you if you even take one more step..I mean iT! PUT DOWN MY BABIE GIRL..ITS you last chance.."

Afterlife tilts back his head in laughter as he looks at the screen and hits a big body slam onto the table as the table Crashes to the floor leaving Abigail out cold on the floor,in a mess of the table as the fans scream in delight.
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PostSubject: Re: This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)   Wed May 20, 2015 9:26 am

The crowd, staring in amazement at what has transpired is suddenly interrupted by the sounds of a BOOM...BOOM...BOOM, much like heavy footsteps... the arena goes almost dark as purple light begins to fill the arena and House of 1000 Corpses by Zombie Girl blares all over
with Afterlife looking on. A cloaked shape appears from behind the Titantron, the purple light following every movement as they walk towards the ring. The figure stops just short of entering the ring, staring at the carnage which lay before them as the music ceases to play. With a sudden
movement, the figure raises their hands and lowers the hood of cloak to reveal Darkani Vengeance. With a slightly crooked smile, she raises a mic, apparently hidden somewhere in her cloak to her lips.

Darkani: "Settle down big guy, if you want vengeance so badly you are going about it all wrong. Vengeance isn't something that you just take, vengeance is something to be savoured and given time. This is no true vengeance, you can only achieve that kind of power through tireless work."

Darkani stops speaking as Afterlife takes a few steps in her direction, unfaltering... she stares at the big man and continues as he stops in his tracks and Mr. Howard looks on.

Darkani: "If you want to achieve your goal Afterlife, you must harness the even darker powers that reside within you. Just tossing a body through a table does nothing, it is a short term fix for a situation that can be much more enlightening to your darker self. I see power within you Afterlife... power that you have yet to unleash."

No sooner than Darkani stops speaking, Mr. Howard... by this point getting rather red as his blood pressure is obviously rising, retorts her statements.

Mr. Howard: "STOP! Ms. Vengeance, if you don't stop I will fine you and place you on suspension! You are NOT helping this situation at all!"

Darkani looks behind her at the Titantron and laughs as the crowd remains standing in utter silence.

Darkani: "Mr. Howard, you of all people should know that you never tame a beast... you can never get rid of the darkness that lies within one's heart. Oh Spook... would you please make yourself available?"

Darkani turns around, knowing full well that Afterlife remains behind her, she continues to stare at the Titantron and Mr. Howard as the lights dim even further and Air Raid sirens blare for a few moments before Seizure of power by Marilyn Manson takes over the arena... suddenly Spookmeister embraces the Darkani invitation and emerges from behind the Titantron as the crowd goes ballistic with their chants for him. He walks slowly down the ramp and makes his way to stand next to Darkani, giving Afterlife a stare in the process. Darkani proceeds to give Spookmeister the mic and he brings it up to his own lips.

Spook: "Mr. Howard... do you think that you haven't been chosen for vengeance? Do you think my power doesn't apply to you? My power applies to everyone, including this monster that your Abigail has created. You misunderstand me if you truly think I won't be seeing you some day Mr. Howard. Your lovely Abigail
was already on my short list... but it seems that she has only received a partial judgement as yet. Afterlife has done a relatively good job of dispatching it as well... perhaps I should visit you Mr. Howard? Perhaps this destruction is exactly what was meant to happen? Perhaps you think because you have a slew of people protecting you that you are immune to all of this? Let me assure you Mr. Howard... Abigail is only the beginning. My lovely Master, Ms. Darkani may be able to calm this creature you created... but don't temp her into training him to bring out his total darkness... for she will spell the end of you and all of your loyal subjects. Judgement is waiting, and judgement is always handed out, it always visits exactly when it needs to. You will become aware of this very soon... as for your monster, he will regain his control and he will show you what his vengeance is all about. Afterlife lacks only justice... do not make her teach him how to harness his darkness into judgement, the last thing you want
is to make two of me."

Spook lowers the mic and then turns to face Afterlife, only offering a stare in return as the crowd begins to cheer for the dark warrior and his dark master.

Mr. Howard: "You talk a good game Spookmeister, but you are right about one thing... I am quite unreachable. It is a good thing that you came out when you did or I would've suspended your master. Afterlife on the other hand has earned one!"

Spookmeister abruptly cuts off Mr. Howard with a raised hand.

Spook: "You cannot suspend anyone Mr. Howard... do you know why? It is because people like me and Darkani, and even Afterlife do not listen to people like you. You can give out all the verbage you wish... but it boils down to a simple equation, we are stronger than you and your protection. You cannot defeat the darkness Mr. Howard, the more light
you attempt to shine on the situation the darker it gets. So if you wish to give me Gyalin Reece to slow me down, then do so, but at your own peril. Reece already thinks that my brand of justice and darkness isn't what it is meant to be... do not make his mistake Mr. Howard. I fear that if you do, there may be repurcussions that you can never fathom that occur
and show you exactly the darkness that you deserve through my brand of justice."

Mr. Howard visibly getting angrier tells security to proceed to the ring and maintain order, quickly several security individuals run towards the ring to quell this open rebellion of sorts... Darkani moves back and out of the way as security falls upon Spookmeister like rain. As Spookmeister continues to openly fight them two other security men make their way to darkani and grab her arms attempting to forcibly remove her from ringside. But as quickly as they grab her, Afterlife springs into action and levels both of them with stiff right hands, temporarily saving her from her possible fate. Spookmeister continues to fight at least five of the IUWF security, punching and in some cases even kicking them as they attempt to subdue him. With a rather sudden series of moves, Spookmeister gains control of his situation and flattens all five of them... again, nothing but carnage surrounds the ring as the announcers continue their deliberations about the situation.

Potter: "Holy hell at what is going on here! This is crazy! Two of the scariest guys I have ever seen just taking out people left and right... what a showing!"

Lawson: "Yep, we need some popcorn to go along with this show."

Darkani again has the mic and begins to speak.

Darkani: "Is this the best you have Mr. Howard?"

She then places herself in between and just behind the two stars, who stand side by side awaiting the next barrage.
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PostSubject: Re: This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)   Wed May 20, 2015 12:45 pm

While the brawl is going on, there is a man approaching the crowd barrier from the crowd area in the background. He is wearing an inconspicious gray hoodie, like some others in the crowd, and the hood makes his face impossible to see. As Spookmeister finishes taking out the guard he grabs one of the chairs, folds it up, and leaps over the barricade.

Xavier Lawson: "And there's the next person! And he's got a weapon!"

The man walks around a bit, before heading for what's left of the announce table, all the while showing the chair he is holding. He pulls out a microphone from the pockets in the hoodie, and starts talking.

"Well, here I am. But whom will I help?"

The man slides back his hood, and it turns out to be Jesse Grey.

Richard Potter: "Grey? He's had some problems with Ms. Howard before, this is shaping up to look even worse for her."

Jesse: "Now then, members of the Howard Family. Here I am, holding this chair in my hand. My position in this should be clear. Abigail here has caused enough problems for me ever since I signed with this company."

He waits for a second, before continuing on.

"But hey, I might just be able to look over all of this. Provided your offer is good enough. So Mr. Howard, what can you offer me? "

Then Jesse looks over at Spookmeister and Afterlife.

"The same goes for you. What can YOU offer me in this?"
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PostSubject: Re: This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)   Wed May 20, 2015 12:59 pm

OOC: Hell yeah guys... keep this going, definitely something we can roll with. I will post more tomorrow.

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PostSubject: Re: This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)   Wed May 20, 2015 4:30 pm

Afterlife looks around the ring, at the others who have now joined. He tilts his head from side to side as the security slowly start to roll out of the ring,Medics are over trying to help out the knocked out miss Howard who still remains in the mist of the broken table. Afterlife slowly looks at Jesse and moves a hand out pointing at the chair. Jesse smiles as afterlife looks over at the medics and then back to Jesse. the fans now in such a noise the place is deafening. Jesse looks at the other two in the ring, then to the fans before handing the chair slowly over two Afterlife who takes the chair and quickly makes his way to the ropes, sliding fast out under the bottom rope and runs over two the three medics trying to help Abigail,swinging hard, He hits once right over the back of the head as the others look up in shock only for one two receive a superkick to the jaw. The last medic stumbles back, tripping over the H2O tank on the floor as he looks in shocked. Afterlife looks around and lifts his hand staring in to the last medics eyes as he slices his neck with his thumb and walks over slowly grabbing the medic by the hair and lifting him up.. then using the other hand grabs the back of this belt and throws his, lifting him of his feet into the steel steps,no taking out the last medic.

Richard Potter:" Oh no..No this is awful..where's TEAM ABIGAIL!WERE THE COO, WHERES FRED BARNS SOMEONE!!"

XAVIER LAWSON:" ARE YOU MAD, this has gone way past the management. this is payback babie! this is all out war! oh YEAH!"

Afterlife picks back up the chair and walks back over to the ring as Spook smirks, Jesse looks on and Darkani looks at Afterlife not fazed. Afterlife walking over to Jesse hand him back his now buckled and dented chair as he bends over taking a Mic up of the floor. Now speaking with some breathlessness for a moment

AFTERLIFE:"You is not..just..revenge one seeks Mr Howard. This restored. For two long that *(cencered)* goats head of a daughter of yours has run wild two long. So here is what i purpose..A 6 man steel cage tag team match consisting of Me..spook..Darkani and..if he wishes Mr..Gray..facing 6 of Abigail hand picked followers in the back..If they dare to come out tonight..

In her darkest hour she turns to them,
In her desperate time of need,
Not knowing this is where they hide,
To bite and then watch her bleed...

Dark visions appear through tainted skies,
Evil dances with their queen,
In this arena where black shadows fall,
Living in fear of past shattered dreams...

You came here just seeking seclusion,
From a life where pain is too real,
If they only knew how we can hurt you,
And why your heart can no longer feel...

You stroll along the darkened path,
In a realm where the fog is blood red,
Where shadows dance and cries are heard,
In the trees far up above your head...

Afterlife Raises his hands pointing at the big screen and then turns his head looking at Darkani.

AFTERLIFE:" As for our champion Gylian Reese,and Daria..No body..and i mean NOBODY..touches them..understood!?"
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PostSubject: Re: This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)   Thu May 21, 2015 6:10 am

As the crowd continues to go almost literally banana's at what has transpired thus far... the carnage so out of control that it seems no one but the instigators can defuse the situation. Jesse Grey, looking on a letting out a laugh every now and again, but then giving some serious looks
Spookmeister and AFTERLIFE as to exhibit a form a bit more serious. Spookmeister takes notice of Jesse's apparent current mindset and picks up a mic from the floor as Darkani stands next to the obviously crazy Dark Warrior.

Spook: "Jesse my friend, you are your partner did well against myself and Jay. But I hear the cinicism in your voice when you ask what is in it for you. You remind me of a much younger version of myself Mr. Grey... before the dark times, before my master Darkani found me and taught me to channel that darkness into something very sinister, yet necessary. I see nothing that can truly unite our destiny's... I do however see that we have common enemies. We have some people here who make matches involving us to keep us occupied as to the real intent of what is going on, they think I cannot see through them."

Spookmeister lowers the mic for just a moment and raises a finger to the Titantron and Mr. Howard who remains visible for just a moment until the Titantron finally goes dark... apparently due to some sort of malfunction. Spookmeister then slowly walks behind AFTERLIFE and over to Jesse Grey's position and gives us all a thin smile as he hands the mic to Jesse. Jesse, seemingly surprised raises the mic slowly and begins to speak.

Jesse: " I can't say I disagree... we do have something in common, the darkness revenge stuff is your gig though man."

Before Jesse can say another word the Titantron lights up with yet another familiar face, Fred Barnes. As the crowd begins to boo his appearance, the announcer scramble frantically to get their communications back up as they have apparently failed as well.

Barnes: "Enough of this guys, if you want to fight so bad, we will give you fights. Jesse Grey, you aren't directly involved in this yet... so you should go back to that corner of yours. As for AFTERLIFE... how about we give you Dan Small later on? That should provide you with some entertainment. Now onto Spookmeister...
since you seem so eager to interject yourself in matters that aren't your concern, you will be matched up against Brando... oh yeah, and your tag team partner gets to suffer the same fate as you, he is going to get Ray Stryker. Any objections? I didn't think so."

Suddenly Barnes disappears from the Titantron and the fans remain standing in more of a silence now, until AFTERLIFE raises his hands and they once again begin to cheer the trio of stars who stand in defiance of the powers that be. Spookmeister then asks Jesse for the mic for just a moment, Jesse outstretches his hand and returns the mic to Spookmeister.

Spook: "It will be my pleasure to add another name to my list Mr. Barnes, all I have is time. As for my partner... he can more than take care of himself."

Spookmeister tosses the mic on to the floor as both he and Darkani make their way back up the ramp and to the back stage area while the carnage at ringside remains the focus of everyone's attention.
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PostSubject: Re: This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)   Thu May 21, 2015 6:10 am

OOC: Hey Jesse, if you want to respond to this... try and wrap up the situation please.

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PostSubject: Re: This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)   Thu May 21, 2015 10:41 am

Jesse looks around, shrugs, and continues talking into the mic.

"Well, looks like it's not me getting put in unfair matches for once."

He drops the chair and his mic, pulls up his hood again, and simply walks back over to the barricade, before jumping over it. He then walks back through the crowd, doing a few handshakes and the like, before the camera stops focusing on him.

Potter: "Grey walks out looking none the worse, with no opponents to face this week."
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PostSubject: Re: This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)   

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This Is my Power(Open to gylian, spook and anyone who want's to add)
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