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 A hint of things to come

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PostSubject: A hint of things to come   Wed May 27, 2015 2:13 am

A nearby gravel pit seems to be the location, a few miles away from the arena. Rain has soaked the surface of the surrounding Earth, a minicam is being held by a camera man belonging to the IUWF... obviously here to document the goings on of the evening. Thunderstorms in the
distance can be heard with the occasional rumble of thunder and flash of lightning illuminating the night sky. Two figures stand before a rather large, what appears to be a lake... however, within this lake is a swirling amount of water in the center... much like a whirlpool. The two figures converse among themselves for a few moments until the camera man makes his way to a closer position. The long black hair of Darkani Vengeance blows helplessly in the strong breeze of the dark night. She turns to face the minicam and begins to speak.

Darkani: "Do you sense it? Can you feel it? The storm here in nature isn't the only storm that is coming. There is a much bigger storm preparing to engulf the IUWF, two powers made their presence felt last week. Both seek vengeance for the wrongs done to them and to the people who cannot defend themselves.
Both seek to destroy that which makes the IUWF a corrupt entity. The darkness is coming, the fall of men, the annihilation of those who seek to dominate everyone else. That in of itself is a sin, a sin that deserves the dark vengeance that awaits them. These two powers I spoke of will have little mercy to spare for anyone who gets in their way. AFTERLIFE is an entity all his own who deserves his justice, and shall receive it, in the destruction of Abigail Howard. The other power is the almighty Spookmeister, who will take no prisoners, who will provide no
quarter for those who deem it necessary to flirt with greed and power. He is a man who is known as The Undying back home, it is difficult at best to defeat justice when it seeks you out... yet it is impossible to defeat justice when your number is up. Quite a few of you will witness this inconsequential aggression, those that do will be burned in the fires of the darkness that is coming to stay."

Darkani finishes her little speech as the camera man takes a few steps back to focus in on the Spookmeister. Spook simply motions to the camera man to switch his point of focus to the whirlpool that swirls in the weather made lake of this gravel pit. As the camera zooms in and watches this phenomenon, the Spookmeister
lets out a few words of his own.

Spook: "Do you all see it? This is like the maelstrom which awaits those in my path, you can fight it all that you wish... but in the end it will drag you down. The harder you fight your fate, the weaker you become. There is no chance of anything more than inquisition to those who oppose the dark list of justice. Abigail Howard, you have awoken something
that you cannot control... you have brought out the beast that is untameable. What will you do? Will you send out your loyal soldiers to do your bidding just so they can be destroyed by that which seeks your damnation? AFTERLIFE and myself may not be close, but we do share a common enemy... injustice. My list continues to grow, your name Mrs. Howard
is near the top of my list... once AFTERLIFE gets what he wants from you, it will be my place to pass the judgement that will end your fanatical reign. As for Mr. Howard, you my friend are not near the top of my list... you should pray that you never make it there, for if you do... your fate will be the same as Abigail. You think you are untouchable, sitting at your desk and allowing your security to try and fight two monsters like me and AFTERLIFE, and a young kid named Jesse Grey. So this is to whomever thinks they can bother AFTERLIFE or Jesse Grey... keep one thing in mind, I am everywhere, and I will be watching.
I am sure someone will try an ambush on these two fine warriors, but these two warriors have been accepted into the Covenant of Darkness. They stand with the dark justice that strains to be released against you all... and for that, they will be richly rewarded."

Spookmeister points at the whirlpool and then tosses a plastic Dasani water bottle into the water... the bottle circles the maelstrom of water and eventually gets pulled under.

Spook: "Do you not understand now? Struggles are a matter of perspective and idea's... the struggle which is coming will test the very fabric of the IUWF. However, there is one factor that no one seems to be talking about... his name is Gyalin Reece. I heard your comments my dark friend, about how you haven't forgotten about me... and so you shouldn't... that would be foolish
on your part. I do not wish to quarrel with you, for you are farther down my list. But I do suggest one thing my friend, pick a side before it is too late, because once the hell starts... you may find yourself without the thing you need most, a proverbial paddle for your boat as it travels through the rapids of the great river. I respect you Reece, but do not test these waters... choose your side and do it quickly, for if you are not with the Covenant of the Darkness... you may find yourself against everyone. I look forward to meeting you eventually Reece, I would even do so on your terms... your darkness is much like mine, the difference is that I do it for the justice that screams out in silence to avenge the weak, and punish the strong. Just remember these words my friend, I am what was, is, and always will be."

With a sudden lightning strikes and a loud clap of thunder, the rain begins to come down yet again. The couple walks back towards a vehicle that is parked nearby, as the camera man follows them... Spookmeister utters a few final words.

Spook: "I am constant as the northern star."

The scene then abruptly fades as a flash of lightning is seen once more... knocking the camera man off his feet and disabling the minicam.
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A hint of things to come
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