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 Trigga Explains (Pre Match)

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PostSubject: Trigga Explains (Pre Match)   Thu May 28, 2015 7:09 pm

Barrage of shots from a machine gun are heard over the arena
Sparks are showering as A7X''s Carry On plays in the background
Trigga makes his way to the ring

The Crowd Boos as Trigga steps into the ring with a mic in hand. He smiles as the crowd continues to jeer at him. From the middle of the ring, Trigga lifts the mic and awaits the crowd to settle.

Trigga: I let everyone know... that by the end of the night you would all know my name.

The crowd boos.

Trigga: I don't know why everyone was surprised. I put everyone on notice... and believe me when I say it was nothing against Brando.

He pauses and looks deeply into the camera.

Trigga Brando! Whatever hospital you're lying in right now. I want you to know that you were merely a statistic. I'm not mad with you. I have nothing against you at all.

The camera pans out toward the crowd before slowly cutting back to Trigga. Boos can still be heard as he speaks.

I personally don't even know the guy... and I could care less about what Spookmeister has going on. No no no, I had one thing in mind and one thing only.

He pauses and looks in to the camera.

Trigga: I wanted all of you to know my name.

The camera cuts to the crowd who look visibly unpleased. Jeers cut through the silence from the quick pause.

Trigga: You don't have to like me... But you will notice me. You don't have to like me... But you will Respect me. You don't have to like me... But you will Acknowledge me. And believe me when I say, I'm not going anywhere for a long time. Bet On It!!!

He drops the mic and smiles as Silva's music begins to play.
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Posts : 34
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PostSubject: Re: Trigga Explains (Pre Match)   Thu May 28, 2015 7:19 pm

Brando says he is busy with school and is too hard pressed to really RP at the moment. Any Ideas. Preferably between me Brando, Spook, or Ray if you guys can chime in
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PostSubject: Re: Trigga Explains (Pre Match)   Thu May 28, 2015 9:11 pm

OOC: Well, the way I understand the storyline... you and Brando have a rivalry and then a change of heart and team up? I will message you the rest.

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PostSubject: Re: Trigga Explains (Pre Match)   

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Trigga Explains (Pre Match)
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