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champion daria taunts anderson Colt title
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 Meeting Daria.

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Meeting Daria. Empty
PostSubject: Meeting Daria.   Meeting Daria. EmptySat May 30, 2015 7:22 am

The camera follows afterlife who makes his way down the hall,His long Purple Cloke following behind him Getting to the 4th door the camera shows the door sign and it shows the door name Daria Wilde C.A.O. Afterlife Knocks Twice nd a answer comes from behind the door. Slowly he makes his way inside.
Daria Wilde:" You..?what..what is it you want Afterlife? take me out as well?"

Afterlife tilts his head and then shakes it slowly before kneeling down on one knee. His head down.

Afterlife:" No..Of course not My lady..I would never EVER hurt you..I only come to serve and protect you..I come to give answers to some questions you seek."

Daria gasps and holds her face a moment before walking out from behind her desk.

Daria Wilde:" Answers? questions.? Please..d..don't stay down there like may get up afterlife,am not a princess or something.."

Afterlife looks up and raises slowly Daria seems fixed on his movements as she moves closer to him,looking up at him I t seems as both of them breath in nerviness.

Daria Wilde:" You know something i need to know don't you..? You can see inside my heart can't you??your a strange one..yet you say you bring me answers? to what?"

Her voice seems gentle and soft yet concerned, her eyes not moving of him. The camera stays behind Afterilfe. Afterlife nods slowly.

AFTERLIFE:" There is someone you seek..questions in your heart? A hole to be filled? Yet you do not need to fear..the PPV all will be better? Questions answered? I will bring you answers you seek soon My princess. You are a goddess, At least in My eyes..and in your know who I am..I just ask for a little more patience..Just another week..then you shall be answered and your heart filled."

Daria again holds her face and moves closer to afterlife..moving her hands she moves them to his arms..Afterlife moves back a step and looks down but then relases a gasp of breath and moves forward again. Daria gazes into his eyes, Her eyes start to fill with tears..Her breath shivers.

Daria Wilde:"OH mY"

The camera moves back towards the door..the last shot shows daria and Afterlife imbraced in a hug as the camera fades.
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Meeting Daria.
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