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champion anderson Colt taunts daria title
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 Jay's Jealousy

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PostSubject: Jay's Jealousy   Jay's Jealousy EmptySat May 30, 2015 12:04 pm

A chair goes flying by a staffer in the backstage area, then a yell of frustration. SUDDENLY!! Coming into view is Jay Hall, with a long blue lighting fixture in his hands... he begins to smash a refreshment table just outside of the locker room area, gatorade flying everywhere,
he drops the fixture and notices a small, but heavy fifty pound warmup weight... he snatches it up as Spookmeister approaches him, with Darkani not far behind.

Jay's Jealousy P560825reg

Spook: "Be calm my friend, your goals will be realized... you should be patient... as patient as justice in some cases."

Darkani steps to the left of the Spookmeister and nods at Jay in apparent agreement with her apprentice. Jay draws a blank look on his face as he does nothing but stare at Spookmeister at first, his gaze then quickly shifts to Darkani.


Jay blurts out angrily as his attention is given back to Spookmeister, who stands like a stone statue, rather unresponsive to the criticism he has just received... until.

Spook: "It is not her fault Jay, dark justice needed a scout to see if the area was worth conquering and worth giving the justice it deserves. She would come eventually anyway... I needed to test the waters so to speak. You should calm down and regain yourself
before your impulses get the better of you."

Jay closes his eyes for a moment and turns his head to the left and then to the right cracking his neck in the process... his grip on the fifty pound weight tightens as his face begins to turn a stark red.

Darkani: "Justice can help you too Jay, you must give in to the darker side and let those impulses out in an organized burst of energy that you can control... that is how Spook has obtained his unwavering power."

With a quickness not expected from one such as Jay, he swings his right hand, weight and all and strikes the left side of Spookmeister's head... Spookmeister staggers backwards for a moment as Darkani backs away from the scene, surprised by Jay's explosion of rage. Spookmeister then begins to reconstitute himself until Jay blasts him yet again on the left side of his head with the weight... this time causing a rather significant gash. Spookmeister falls to the concrete floor in a heap of flesh and blood as Darkani returns to his side to apparently start checking his wound. Jay stands in the foreground and produces a sinister laugh and drops the weight at Spookmeister's crumpled body, almost hitting Darkani with it.

Darkani: "What the hell are you doing! We were trying to help you! Trying to make..."

Darkani is interrupted when Jay grabs her by her long black hair and then by the back of her neck... he proceeds to slam her straight into the concrete wall next to the carnage of the Spookmeister... she immediately falls to the floor, creating a new pile of flesh and blood as a cut is opened on her forehead.

Jay: "I told you Spook... I would get my BLOOD! I told you I would do things how I wanted them done, not how your black haired slut wanted them done! I have shown both of you... the true rage that resides within me."

Jay, seemingly much more calm all of the sudden turns around and walks away smiling as the EMT's approach Spook and Darkani he blurts out one last thing.

Jay: "So sweet it is to get rid of her."

The scene abruptly fades...
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Jay's Jealousy
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