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 Time's are a changin'

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PostSubject: Time's are a changin'   Time's are a changin' EmptyTue Jun 02, 2015 12:14 pm

The scene opens inside a dark room, a luminescent purple aura invigorates the room... emanating from apparently nowhere. A figure, wearing a long dark cloak... sporting a hood is barely seen... a second figure, larger than the first wears a long black trench coat.
A nervous camera man moves the camera into a better position as the voice of Alia Ghost can be heard.

 Alia Ghost: "Are both of you ready?"

Alia sounds rather tense, almost nervous in her own right as she finishes asking her simple question. The SNAP of fingers is then heard as the lights in the room brighten approximately four levels to an illumination that reveals the figures of Darkani Vengeance
and the Spookmeister much more clearly. Darkani has a large bruise with several stitches on her forehead as she lowers her hood and Spookmeister is rubbing the left side of his head where he has several stitches and bruising of his own.

Time's are a changin' 17718_22original

Darkani: "Of course we are ready... should we not be?"

Darkani asks as she takes a seat in a nearby chair... leaving Spookmeister kneeling in front of the camera with his right hand stroking his chin.

Spook: "Jay, do you not realize what you have done? You have chosen to awaken something that the world was not ready to see. It is one thing for me to claim vengeance on behalf of others... but you my dear friend have brought a personal vengeance to the table.
I always say that I am what was, is, and always will be... vengeance is funny like that, don't you agree? For the whispers that dance around me are always speaking, and those whispers will now be unleashed upon you. I do not expect that you will be wishing for forgiveness.
In fact I expect you to be out for your precious BLOOD. You managed to spill some blood last week when you took me by surprise my friend, but understand this... surprise only works once... the next time we meet there will be no surprise for you. The only surprise that you will
be fortunate enough to witness is my wrath... I felt that from the beginning you did not completely understand, but my master Darkani offered at me to bring you into the fold and show you the true meaning of power. Your blood is superficial at best, you can make one bleed gallons
if you wish, but unless you show them that they were wrong to oppose you in the first place through vengeance... then your message is lost. You wound a body my friend... I take a piece of your soul when I get the vengeance that is sought."

Spookmeister suddenly stands... pointing at the stitches and the wound that Jay Hall had inflicted upon his a week earlier, he then smiles as Darkani speaks from off camera.

Darkani: "Tell him Spook... tell him what true power really is, tell him he will get to witness it... and tell him that vengeance is the power of the immortals."

Spookmeister's smile leaves his face as he becomes expressionless and stares directly into the camera.

Spook: "I thought that you were a man who understands, a man who believes that true power is wrestled away from the soul and not the body... I must admit that I was wrong, but who is perfect? You will bear witness to the ultimate power tonight... the power that no one can stop, the power that emerges here tonight will be a manifestation that none of you will ever forget. Jay, you have unleashed a monster... and this monster is going to utterly destroy you. The power of the immortals indeed, when you take a piece of one's soul you gain the wisdom to continue and the will to prosper... most people believe that immortality is a frame of never ending time.... but immortality is only a path that the strong take, and what makes one strong is the ability to harness the dark energy into an event or into a battle. Dark vengeance is the one thing in this universe that there is truly no defense against... as you will learn."

Alia Ghost seems rather shaken and dares not ask any questions... until she finally gets her courage.

Alia Ghost: "So what about your tag team titles?"

Spookmeister stares at Alia for a split second before answering.

Spook: "I will defend them myself... win or lose, it makes no difference. My opponents will have more than they bargain for... I will not go down so easily just because I will be fighting alone. Jay will assume that I will be worn down, what he doesn't understand is that my resolve is stronger than any man. Remember Jay, I am constant as the northern star."

With that, Darkani comes into view of the camera and grabs Spookmeister's left arm with her right and both quickly leave the room... leaving Alia and her camera man at a loss for words.
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Time's are a changin'
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